Retailers at it again - collusion, grand theft and lies

Which crime is more deserving of a prison sentence?

  • Colluding to steal ££££multimillions from the public

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  • Stealing small items from a ££££multimillion Supermarket

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Not content to grind farmers into the dirt, or to buy up strategic tracts of land only to sit on it and prevent competition, it seems the big supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda may have been colluding to fix the price of milk and dairy products.

This is serious criminal behaviour and involves lifting millions from the British public.

I'd like to see custodial sentences for the directors, similar to the treatment that gets meted out to pensioners, homeless, disabled individuals who get caught shoplifting from their stores.

I can SEE quite clearly which is the more serious crime. They'll probably escape with a multimillion pound fine ultimately. But please, please, let's wave a big deterrent under their noses by locking away the perpetrators for a good 20 years or whatever a common criminal would get for stealing millions of pounds.

Who are the real SHOP lifters?

This kind of behaviour must give their honourable store detectives pause for thought.
- and while you're at it. Don't supply any of the big supermarkets because they'll take an age to pay you!
Only problem with this is that, Asda aside, these Supermarkets are owned by the British Public (or their pension funds), so the govt are effectively going to tax our pension funds for overcharging us.

Probably won't hurt the people who did the price fixing as they will have moved on by now (investigation relates to 2003/4).

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