Resurgent power in East Asia (not China)

The jap.
Big player, uses bussiness connections to further Political ideas.
Powerful navy and would equip it's air force with the F22 Raptor if the Yank would sell.
Self Defence Force my Arrse.
Good, let them carry on the way they're going. Let them refuse to learn their lesson.

There'll be some nice newly cleared real estate becoming available in the China Sea in a decade or so, might be worth investing in.

Of course, you'll have to wait for the radioactivity to die down, and serve the b*stards right.
Especially with Western eyes focussing ever-closer on China's economic expansion, the conditions for a Japanese resurgence are pretty well all in place.

Like Germany (tho' for other reasons) Japan needs watching . . . .
With the centre of economic power in the world apparently shifting to East asia and the Indian subcontent in the next 50 years I have often wondered if it was short sighted for the UK government to close everything defence related east of Suez in 1967.

Does anyone know if the UK does still own any sovereign territory in that part of the world ? From what I recall we didn't keep in perpetuity any of Brunei when it was given independance in 1984, although obviously we do still have folks based there.
We still have Diego Garcia, but we've leased that to the Seppos for their airbase. Can't think of any others we actually own.

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