Resurgent Asthma in the Army=Discharge???

Alright people, not just the standard asthma/joining question.

I have declared my history of asthma on my medical recruitment forms and yes I've been cleared of asthma/medications/symptoms for four years. My million-dollar question though is:

What happens to serving individuals who develop (or redevelop) asthma after enlistment?

Does anyone out there with personal experience know whether developing asthma in the army is an immediate medical discharge? Or whether MO's will allow members to serve with (or prescribe) inhalers while symptoms persist?

My concern is that the unthinkable (and unlikely) should happen that I go through the entire recruitment process and sacrifice the job/life that I have now, only to be discharged from recruit training for having a slight wheeze!

Perhaps I'm being paranoid guys but there are so many stories about asthma Md's in initial training that I want to get the facts before committing to anything life-changing.

Surely the MO's couldn't be too tough considering they know of my asthma history right?

All advice appreciated


I knew a few lads that were serving with Asthma, and they had no issues. Though my gen is 7 years out of date now I'm afraid.
If you ever need asthma medication again (such as an inhaler) you will probably be medically downgraded to 'P7 Home Only' and will be un-deployable until you come off the medication are drug free for another 4 years.
Knew of plenty who got med discharged in Wessex region for recurring asthma symptoms.


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Piffle and waffle and not a small amount of drivel.

If you develop Asthma whilst in service you will be prescribed inhalers or other medication (Ventolin or Becatide inhalers or Monetlucast tablets) as required. You will be MLD - which means that you can deploy as far forward as the MO thinks is safe. There are many serving soldiers with Asthma. Only if you develop Asthma so badly that you cannot walk 3.2KM in an hour are you likely to be discharged.
Cheers people, seems as though the army is pretty reasonable with this then and I've got nothing to worry about.

Much appreciated
If you have asthma you will probably have a medical review board (Risk assessment) prior to deployment and exercises to get clearance to go. Shouldn't be a problem.

To those of you out there reading this that have had an application turned down for asthma - that's just the way it is; please don't jump on this thread and cry about being turned down, I've not taken meds in years, it was a mis-diagnosis, etc, etc. That's just the way it is.
I developed asthma about 2 years before I left. Passed BFTs and CFTs no problem and deployed on operations. I just made sure I always had ventolin with me just in case. Been out quite a while now so it may be different
I'm also in the same boat about to apply for the army and I am 4 years clear ect. When I was 11 I was prescribed my only oral steroids however, never represcribed or put on a course. Will this be a problem as it doesn't mention it in the requirements but does in JS950, which I still pass the criteria.Plus never been hospitalised or had an attack and have been free of meds since 15(now 20). Just wanted to know also if anyone had an issue with it?

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