Results Update - London Poppy collection - Thu 5 Nov

If you're not aware there will be a major collection going on this Thursday, 5th November, in the City and at some West End locations, occurring during morning and evening rush hours.

Still a need for collectors in some locations, am sure that any help would be gratefully received. Moorgate and London Bridge are two places where people are needed, given multiple exits.

Dress is suit, overcoat with medals.

Morning timings are Meet 7am, Start 7:30 (post bacon sandwich), End 9am

Afternoon session Start 5:30pm, End 6:30pm

If you can assist please pm me.



Happy to help - did this last year with some other Arrsers. My Office is by Moorgate and not to far from Liverpool Street. More than happy to help

May be able to help subject to diary (will know tomorrow). Office overlooks Moorgate, so very local. Chatted to a fella from 1st Bn. RRF collecting today.

Suit and overcoat fine, medals lost during move to Oz years ago (and I only had two of the "not very exciting/everyone got one" variety anyway).

Will PM once diary sorted.


An outstanding effort so far, with representation from all 3 services and many tins and buckets filled.

Stand by for some serious money being contributed to the RBL judging by the numbers of £10s and £20s being folded into the pots today.
Here's to a good result - sure it will be published online. A chilly morning for Moorgate but some nice reaction from the public.

Duke - saw two of your chaps at Bank on the way to work after shift at Moorgate, still pulling the money in at 10am!

If anyone missed today, please note the rough date for next year - more assistance will I am sure be appreciated and information put out closer the time.
Sorry - received below from organiser

"Well the count is nearly over, and it is all good news...

The total has already risen above £60,000!

This is an absolutely staggering amount - especially as were only dreaming that we could raise our self-imposed target of £50k!

Thank you all for your amazing efforts. Please pass this on to all of your volunteers.

Last year we raised less than £20k and this year we have more than trebled that. And that is purely down you, the station commanders, the military support, and the hard work of every volunteer.

I will forward on the details in due course, (as there is still much admin to be sorted), but at this stage I want to single out the Green Park team who raised just short of £10,000 - which is quite incredible.

We are hoping to produce thank you posters to put up in every station to thank the public for their generosity and to tell them what their contributions will be spent on... but wait out on the plan...

A massive thank you to everyone who took part and I will be in touch shortly.

Kind regards"

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