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Results of the promotion board Sgts to SSgt

only 1 ODP to staffy this year and yet another year ( 3 IIRC) that another has missed out again..what are they doing wrong ??? lol
Filbert Fox said:
big_kahuna said:
Was the 2510 who came off the board a ODP?

Thats very good going if its a CMT! 8O
youve lost me!

I meant the soldier who's number starts with 2510 who just came off the Sgt-Ssgts board. Thats a pretty young number to come off as a Staffy! .....well i think so anyway. 8O
The cracking CR to get someone posted to get rid of them still exists though, it winds me up no end, still does now I'm out as well.
Shite soldiers shouldnt get rewarded by promotion just to get them out of others units.

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