Results of failing certain parts of ADSC?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Hey I was wondering. Each part of ADSC, you know some parts you get deferred for a certain amount of time etc. Which parts are there that if you fail then that's the end of you and you won't get another go a couple of months later or whatever?

    Say for example the jerry cans and all the other tests that involve being able to lift heavy weights. I assume if someone's sh*t at that kinda stuff they'd just be deferred for a couple of months? How about the team tasks? If you fail them do you get fcuked off completely or can you come back and have another go a couple of months later?

  2. If you fail to meet the distance req'd for your job choice on the jerrycan carry you can either be: Defered(sp) for an amount of time or be given the chance to do it again after the team tasks depending on your ADSO and or other factors. If you make a complete arse of the team tasks you will be defered for a period of time.
  3. medical can get defered anything from 3 months to 6 months (possible longer depending on the cercumstances.)

    anything involving fitness is 3 months.

    if you let your mouth go, are cheeky, and basicly just a total could get defered for ever.
  4. i'm waiting to go to selection now and the thing im scared of the most is the medical thats the only thing im nervous about, because if they find something i don't know about i might not be able 2 join up, is that right?
  5. you hiding something?
  6. "honestly, I didnt know I had 2 **** canals"
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  8. I bet Proper_job did though!
  9. if you fail the cold-air test (if you wer asthmatic) its a 12 month wait to retest, although on the day you will get 1 go in the morning, one afternoon and if needs be a final try after scoff.

    and i dunno, but like if you ever done drugs and get caught in the piss test, you may face lifetime deferral depending on the dosage etc.

    if you fail your TST (technical selection test) which is the maths test and i only think you do it if your joining a trade, then you gotta wait 1 month to retest but you only get 1 more try after the first for the rest of your life. i failed twice unfortunately my only way into the REME air tech is joining the AAC soldier and transferring....

    and yeah like ur man above said, 3 months for fitness, although they rnt to stringent on fitness stuff, i saw guys ******* their runs up on the day, and got to do it again in the evening whilst we had a NAFFI visit. although again they wer more than likely just lucky to have such careing staff nco's in their presence.

    best thing is go up there ready mate, you go up nervous you wont be focused for stuff like team tasks, ppl make it out to be hard its rely like a PE lesson in school, as long as youve trained at least once a week although your better doing 3 runs a week, it should be a breeze. and on team tasks/command tasks, its rely easy simply do the task how your supposed to, and as long as your verbally supporting your team from the side and the training staff see you motivating them a little it goes down as a good mark and your in.

    and then what else is there... oh yeah interview on second/last day very easy, just a quick job breif and overview of your results then a formal job offer/handshake and your done, do your oath of allegiance when your home and get ready to join the best army in the world.

    wish you the best of luck mate but rely it is easy as long as you try hard and dont go up pretending to be a tough guy like most recruits do when they go to selection/phase 1..... that attitude pisses the staff off and in turn they will try and **** you over lol.
  10. the urine test they do isnt for drugs...well thats what the told us while we were getting our final breif (once we passed) they said it was to check our sugar levels...whether thats right or not im not sure. but once you go 2 basic and get the medical there, they take blood and that is a proper drugs test. but simple thing is if you take drugs you should have stopped them long before ADSC. Best not to risk is either way.

    good luck, and best thing is just to be confident, dont be nervous, and give 200%

    out of interest where you going for ADSC? might be able to give you some advice or info if its Glencourse

    Maybe as individual applicants you were given a certain deferral time but that DOES NOT mean that it is set in stone for every applicant and most of what is written above is a load of CRAP.

    There are a lot of factors dependant on how long your deferral is and the only person that counts is your individual PSO/SMO who will defer you dependant on your time down at ADSC. There may be lots of other factors that arise so Guitar_playa08 maybe thats what you got but it could be different for other applicants. The only people you need to listen to is your OWN Recruiting Sgt and the PSO down at ADSC and stop giving out false information as the stronger applicants during the two days that pass everything with flying colours may not be interviewed in the same way because theyve done enough to pass throughout the time there. After sitting on numerous PSO interviews as an observer Ive seen strong and weak applicants pass or fail with how they conduct themselves in the interview some even talking themselves into a deferral in the final moments when they were going to get a pass. Ive also seen applicants going back within a week of failing a TST and some being deferred for at least 12 months for fitness.

    Just dont give out advice if your not a member of the Recruiting establishment as it can totally mess other applicants up.
  12. If I person wishes to ask such questions on an internet forum, expect plenty of personal accounts, in which they miss out key information, it all adds up. If bob says "I got deferred for 12 years for having ezcema", did he fail to miss out the fact that he had scratched it so much it was infected and pussy?

    Guys, medicals are out of your control, no two ways about it, as recruiters will tell you they are not medical staff or doctors, the only one that can pass professional medical opinion will be an Army doc. However, there are set in stone reasons to bar you from entry, things such as asthma (i know i've got some of you panicking now, this means the asthma is CURRENT and you are not 4 years clear, no exceptions) and such.

    Not declaring a condition you currently suffer from is not doing you any favours, after selection they have access to your medical records.

    Just be honest, dont worry about the things that are out of your control and focus your time and effort instead on the things that you can control. Top tip.


    People have a tendency to look things up on the internet and give a self diagnosis too, which isnt wise. If youre that worried about it, doctors didnt put all the hard work in to get where they are for nothing..

    Good luck all hopefulls, dont be disheartened, just go for it and all the best.
  13. You can get deferred for a number of things. We had one guy on my ADSC who got deferred for 6 weeks or soemthing due to lack of confidence in the team building tasks
  14. Alot of people fail the medical due to annoying heart murmurs.
  15. Two guys on my course got defered, one for being under weight, and one for being over weigh.

    The over weight guy wasnt even fat or chubby :?