Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by PlasticMatron, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. I cannot believe, having had sight of the JSJET results, that AGC(SPS) WO1s scored the highest across the SPS ranks, scored higher than RAF WOs(!), and were still not awarded the Higher Pay Spine. Naturally I am chuffed for the ranks that have been recognised, BUT is it morally right that the highest scoring rank at JSJET amongst the SPS ORs fraternity should be disregarded. Answers/thoughts on a postcard please.............
  2. Possibly?
  3. What's the word then?
  4. I wouldn't have thought retention of WO1s was too bad - ie you don't get too many either WO2s turning down promotion or WO1s signing off - so where is their advantage in paying them any more?
  5. I wouldn't have thought retention of WO1s was too bad - ie you don't get too many either WO2s turning down promotion or WO1s signing off - so where is their advantage in paying them any more?[/quote]

    Granted, but retention of WO2s is not too bad either, and this in itself also raises issues. A WO2 promoted to WO1 after Apr 09, will go across to the Higher Pay Spine first and will then drop back to the Lower Pay Spine on promotion to WO1, but they will first take a 2% pay rise taking them straight in at Level 7 (the top tier) WO1. Surely this cannot be right? Therefore, newly promoted WO1s will earn (in extremis) upwards of £2500 more than their more senior contempories. Another example is of someone who was promoted last year to WO1, and a WO2 colleague who was on the same Board but 'not good enough' to be selected at that time. The WO2 is subsequently selected off the recent WO2-WO1 Board and, after Apr 09, will be £2500 per annum better off than his colleague. The WO1 promoted last year would have gone in at Level 3/4 and the newly promoted WO1 at Level 7.

    This, coupled with the fact that WO1s scored higher than Ptes-WO2 SPS and, even more importantly, Crab WOs seems highly immoral to me.
  6. If there is little or no motivation for promotion to WO1, then more people will apply for LECB earlier. I'm sure someone will go on about honour and status etc, but it doesn't pay the bills. It is very annoying when some high band sprog SSgt gets paid more than the bloke who is the nominal head of the trade! Hey ho, c'est la vie.

    I, on the other hand, am high band. :D
  7. Yeah, but no, but yeah!
  8. According to my info, 12 SPS WO1s signed off last year - so they are leaving before their time is up.
  9. That tells me one of three things:

    1. They were promoted far too fast as they clearly are not yet in the pension trap


    2. They were in the pension trap but maybe their poor understanding of the figures connected with the pension they are throwing away is the reason why the Pay Corps was finally disbanded. Said poor understanding of finance would make it pointless offering them more money to stay in


    3. Private sector administrators are getting paid so much that a WO1 salary and pension is buttons to them so a rise to the higher pay band would have made no difference anyway
  10. Daytona, I am sorry but it appears to me that you are talking through your hoop with this one my friend.

    12 WO1s would have signed off having already entered their last 22 years service and therefore either being on VEng or Continuance. Being at that particular stage of the game and seeing how highly under valued the Corps deems them/their rank to be, by (for example) not rewarding them the Higher Pay Spine I would not blame them for walking.
  11. Correct Daytona, they have passed their 22 years and so have their pension but are fed up about the current situation of the Corps - lack of respect, not listened to, constantly getting shfted etc
  12. Well that paints a different picture - 12 WOs1 'signing off' post 22. I would consider that to be normal, pension already in their pocket and all that. The vast majority of WOs1 either leave or change to LE post 22 so there is very little news there. I note that the original poster conveniently left out the fact that the 12 WOs1 that had signed off had already done their time, kinda deflects from his argument doesn't it - the one that stated they were fed up and 'leaving before their time'.