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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. Okay.. the results from the Iraqi polls are slow in coming in and only the ' safe' areas are reporting so far.. but it looks like as predicted.. The Kurds came out in overwhelming numbers to make sure they got their dibs in on their ' seats' at the table.. as expected.
    But.. despite all the cash spread around [ legally and otherwise ] Dubya's protege. Allawi is running a distant second to the Shiites chosen bunch, hand-picked by Al Sistani [ not unexpected really that they'd vote anyway else ]..and, of course, with the Sunnis saying 'hell no we won't play '..its all a big crock...

    Wonder if the votes yet to be counted ' swing ' things for Allawi..One thing that bothers me, though.. Iraqis who bailed when they could in former years from under Saddam's thumb and carved an new and, in most cases, more prosperous life in OZ, Canada and elsewhere were allowed to cast absaentee votes despite the fact that in most cases they were now ' citizens' of their new countries...

    funny, that.. All the Americans who moved to Canada and took out citizenship here, don't get to vote for Bush and Canajans living in the US can't help our pal Paulie kick the minority government thing...

    do Ex-pat Brits living the high life in tax shelter havens get to toss a X for or agin Blair?..

    How come Iraqis who left their fellow countrymen to tough it out get a say when they are technically no longer ' citizens '? [ not that many of them did... out of the number of 'eligible' voters only a small percentage registered -maybe they didn't care or realized they'd moved on ]

    curious and confused...
  2. Americans do get to vote, wherever they live.

    Canadians however, do not
  3. Brits living abroad, including expats are entitled to vote in UK elections. There was another thread on this recently and someone posted all the details.

    On the Iraqi ex pats. So much for the ability to vote. There are hundreds of thousands in Australia and less than 8.000 bothered to register and vote. Still the turnout at the next UK election where voting is voluntary is likely to be a poor showing.
  4. Sadly after the 04 election, Canada refused to accept US democrats wanting to relocate to Canada.
  5. I can't understand why although it was possible to vote in Manchester and London our large community of ex-pat Iraqis in Birmingham had to travel. Hmmm could it be that they embrace the wrong branch of Islam for the liking of Mr. Bush (who basically likes no branch of Islam!)
  6. Interesting.. have to look into it further.. didn't realize that if you're American and move elsewhere and take out that country's citizenship you can still have a go at putting Condoleeza or Hillary in the White House in 2008 -once an Amaerican always?

    That go for Brits?.. you can vote even if you've decided to take an oath of allegiance to another nation?...

    Still.. has its advantages.. lots of Ukrainian-Canadians voted in the last go-round [ kind of guess who they voted for before the ballots were counted ]..

    Can see why the Canajan govmint doesn't want those living on the Caymans , etc. to avoid taxes voting ..might just count against the PM du jour...
  7. Rocketeer if you give up US citizenship you cannot vote, but then again we have dead people voting...
  8. Ol' Allawi himself had been living in exile in 'Britain' (of all places)
    during Sadasses rule...

    One might vote in the 'Homeland' whilst abroad and a citizen of
    some foreign land...if 'dual citizenship' is maintained!!

  9. But in that case one has to formally revoke their citizenship. An American who takes another citizenship while not formally revoking their US citizenship, can still vote. The US recognises only the US citizenship.
    That's how Mexicans living in the US, having taken out US citizenship, and retained their Mexican citizenship, can now vote in both US and Mexican elections
  10. Canadians are allowed to have dual citizenship, they are just not allowed to vote in Canadian elections unless they are resident.

    Can non Canadian citizens living in Canada still vote in Canadian elections as long as they meet the minimum time in residency requirement?
  11. From the weblog of Councillor John Hemming Birmingham City Council seems to have spend a happy time with an Arabic translation program:

    Kurds predominate in UK Iraq Elections The Results of the Iraq Elections from people living outside Iraq are now available.

    Margaret Thatcher introduced a system whereby people who have left the UK could vote in UK elections so that is not unique.

    In the UK 28,673 people voted. 62% of those voted for list 130. I have a real struggle reading the arabic script, but I think the name of the party is something about not occupying and Kurdistan (I think the last word is Kurdistan or something like that).

    19% voted for list 169 which is the main Shi'a list. In the US 32% voted for the main Shi'a list, but only 4% for Allawi's list (5% voted for Allawi in the UK).

    This may shock the US State Department. The US State Department totally misunderstand the situation. The evidence of the election result is that in a secret ballot 32% of Iraqis living and working in the US have voted for a list that wants the withdrawal of occupying forces.

    I cannot find an easy source of information as to which list is what and it takes me too long to translate the Arabic and work out the situation, but the message from this is quite clear.

    Any student of the history of Iraq will see this as a repetition of the situation in the 1920s and 1930s.
  12. Emily qoted Councillor John Hemming:
    No doubt this same man will have weighed into the US and Uk Gov't for taking action based on inadequate intelligence yet he is able to draw clear results when he can only guess at the parties getting the votes. Moron.

    Here is Birdie's tip on how to end up ruling Iraq.

    Never mind the election process. Concentrate on getting men of your following into the elite regiments of the new Army, particularly Officers. Focus on assassinating the senior officers within those regiments who are not sympathetic thus improving the rapid promotion of your people. Establish this over a couple of years allowing a "Democratic" govt to start sorting things out hastening the withdraw of foreign troops. Stage a coup and rule like Saddam but immediately establish generous oil deals with the US. You might even offer them a military base in say, the Kurdish region (central to Syria and Iran). With a friendly US you can do what the fukc you like.

    My bet is that something like this will happen by 2007
  13. Interesting, Emily

    That "List 130" is I believe the Kurdish Coalition.

    Other reports suggest the leaders in wordwide out-of country voting so far are:

    1. List 160, United Iraqi Alliance List backed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

    2. List 130, Kurdish Coalition.

    As you know, these out-of-country preliminary results are very likely to over-represent non-Sunni Lists, and represent only a small proportion of total votes cast.

    edit: still of interest, though.
  14. from Reuters Alertnet. Take your pick whether the real story is in the headline and para 1, or in paras 2 and 3:

    full story at