Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. And you know what? I don't give a fig for other countries' problems; we have enough of our own. Why should my taxes pay for pouvre petit Piere and not for our poor little Jack?

    Got to love those who prefer to love others and not their own.
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  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    This is an old Fr thing, the results were visible when I was in Fr Canada a long time ago where land has been divided and divided like that. People bang on about the injustice of primogeniture in UK but it has served its purpose well in maintaining large, profitable estates, for the benefit of the country as a whole.

    Incidentally two worked examples, neither new: Farm in Essex, used to employ a hundred, when I visited the number was four. Then a Stately 'Ome visit where the house, open privately, was supported by 150 acres with similar manpower dynamics. That's why quite small stable yards become 'Business Centres', in a vain attempt to keep non-geriatrics in the area. Whether they actually end up employing any actual locals is another matter.

    As it is, for many farmers growing bricks is way more profitable than growing crops or animals and re the latter you don't have to get up at oh six sparrow fart 365 days a year to grow bricks. The big catch comes in tenanted farms when the owner finds out about bricks, works out how to square his local planning committee councillors, and kicks the tenant out.
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  3. And the farm that now employs 4 instead of 100 is turning out more produce at a cheaper cost.
    Efficiency and automation.

    Mind you as farming is something like 0.6% of the countries GDP then it could totally disappear and it would barely register economically.
    Sad but true.
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  4. Spanish inheritance law also states that assets are shared between spouse and children. The surviving spouse gets 1/3 and the other 2/3 is shared between the children.
    Fortunately, the EU ruled that those from other EU countries can stipulate under which countries law the inheritance is handled so a one line "this will is to be handled in accordance with the inheritance law of the United Kingdom" means I can leave it to who I want. Battersea Dog's Home if I wish.
    Not quite gavelkind as the spouse is included.

    A quick look and Germany has similar rules. The surviving spouse gets:
    • 25% of the estate if there are any surviving children (or their issue) of the deceased
    • 50% of the estate if the deceased is survived by his/her parents or their issue (i.e. sisters/brothers or nieces/nephews of the deceased) or grandparents
    • 100% of the estate if the deceased is not survived by any of the aforementioned relatives
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  5. What a strange post.
  6. A few of my farmer friends are doing v/well thank you, with heavily cropping caravans.
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  7. Forget the inheritance laws in France, the poll was asked by the equivalent of the NFU how many kids would follow on in to the farming industry on their parent's farms.
    The answer was less than 10%, nothing to do with inheritance or tax issues.
    They really just do not want to end up as their parents have, bashed up by the supermarkets, co-operative farms and multi-nationals and end up getting less for raising a sheep/cow/whatever at slaughter than it costs to raise in feed and vet bills.
    A common problem and not exclusive to the UK.
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  8. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

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  9. Well obviously the anonymous people running the EU Social Fund and European Regional Development are not match fit if they think the €3 bn fund divided by 119 million people across the EU will leave them eternally grateful to have been lifted out of the risk of poverty and social exclusion to the tune of €25.21 for each poor person (annually I should add).
    They should be doffing their caps at every opportunity I should say Grayson?
    Certainly Mr Cholmondley-Warner.
    And the daily rate of subsistence for a civil servant in Brussels or Strasbourg is ?
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  10. Incredible...
    1."The majority will take the hit initially though."...The penny has finally dropped.

    2. "the EU still refused the UK requests for change"...The tail asked to wag the dog?

    What about xenophobia, racism, propaganda and the hard brexit? All glossed over now eh... I think you will need a very long 'transition period' for reality to sink in!:nod:
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  11. David Miliband: we need a second vote on Brexit deal
    Former Labour minister enters fray over Europe to urge fightback on ‘act of economic self-harm’

    David Miliband: we need a second vote on Brexit deal

    Brexit: Hammond and Fox pledge fixed transition to avoid 'cliff-edge'
    The two Cabinet ministers present a united front by announcing that Britain will have a "time-limited" transition after Brexit.

    Hammond and Fox pledge fixed Brexit transition

    Wales Joins Scotland in Opposing U.K. Government Over Brexit

    Wales Joins Scotland in Opposing U.K. Government Over Brexit

    Brexit is a catastrophe
  12. Don't shout. I think you are the only one on this site who is hard of hearing.
  13. Wow, David Milliband and long distant third placed Plaid Cymru oppose Brexit.

    Who actually cares?

    Brexit is happening.
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  14. A couple of pages of genuinely interesting stuff and then the pencil crawls out from under his rock. ( I've just had a look at his timeline, middle of the night frothing at its finest). Seriously you old fool get some help,no ones listening to you anymore.
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  15. He did, now the's changed his tune-apparently.