Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

    I'd pack a book and some sandwiches you'll have quite a wait
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  2. I cannot complain. Brexit is certainly very good business for some sectors :-D
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  3. Certainly. My reccomendation is we extract over phases covering a period of not less that 10 years to ensure the required resources and policy are in place.

    That will be £750 please. :-D
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  4. 660

    660 Old-Salt

    And I suspect not just yours!! ;)
  5. 660

    660 Old-Salt

    Indeed. Poke it. :smile:
  6. I believe the preferred response at the moment is "go whistle" :razz:
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  7. Actually, you got a quick response there. And for free!

    If only the rest of the process was as assured, eh? You know, like what HMG actually wants? ;)
  8. This has been denied and denied continuously... it has nothing to do with the EU anyway...they did not invent islam... They data shows that the problems with islam were identified decades ago and our own government could have acted but did not! Voting for brexit will not make a blind bit of difference anyway, such is the stupidity of those who thought it would.
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  9. You appear to be claiming that only the EU accept islam as a religion!...I'll ignore the other inane comment.
  10. 660

    660 Old-Salt

    I think he meant whats your solution for a succesful outcome.
  11. Whatever HMG decide.

    Remember, we're paid to do what the electorate want, not what I think they want.
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  12. That's fine...if it is true. Other studies show other possibilities.
  13. Surviving Hard Brexit will require sacrifices not seen since the Second World War
    In reality the only sensible way to make the UK a success is by another dose of full-on free market economics. In the short term that means unemployment; depressed wages because of more, not less migration; scrapping the living wage; no increase in public sector pay and tax breaks for corporations

    Surviving Hard Brexit will require sacrifices not seen since WWII

    The democratic case for stopping Brexit

    The campaign to stop Brexit is gathering pace. The most obvious sign is the increasing chatter about a second referendum. At the moment it is still mainly former politicians, such as Tony Blair and Nick Clegg, who are explicit about their desire to prevent the UK leaving the EU. Active politicians tend to talk about a “soft Brexit”. For some, this is simply a convenient code, or a staging post, for their real goal — stopping Brexit altogether.

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  14. 660

    660 Old-Salt