Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. What part of large chunks of Eastern European countries arguing against EU policy haven't you noticed? how about the very recent Italian Bank bail outs? how about large scale swings to the more extreme left and right policies/political parties in European elections? how about countries like Austria sending armoured cars to their borders and Italy threatening to give 200,000 migrants EU passports so they will transit north because they can no longer cope with the 'swarm'? - the truth is, whilst the UK media and remainers are doing their very best to run this country down and make out that the EU is a nirvana, the EU is actually in a very unstable state both financially and politically. Conversely, the UK economy has stood up very well to the test so far and exporting has gone up 4.8%. It is my view that there are political f**kwits on both sides of this negotiation out of touch with reality - for both our sakes we need them to stop havering and to start working for the best deal for both parties but to believe the EU side is 'perfect' is total and utter baloney!
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  2. My bold... the EU bureaucrats are quietly crapping themselves at the prospect of losing one of their biggest "milch cows" EU CASH CRISIS: Bloc to lose FIFTH of budget as Brexit ends scandal of soaring UK handouts
    snip "Eurocrats are staring at a colossal spending black hole caused largely by the astonishing rate at which they have milked the UK economy for cash, according to bombshell conclusions published by the European Policy Centre (EPC). "

    They will know that it is most unlikely that any other member will want, or even be able, to make up the shortfall after the UK goes, threatening all those nice highly paid sinecures in Brussels. IMHO we will be the first of several other nett payers who will want to get out and the whole corrupt farce is going to implode very messily! I look forward to seeing the looks on the faces of people like Junker, Barnier et al, when they realise that they face the task of getting a real job.
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  3. Don't forget the other little financial problem they have in regard to two countries in the Eurozone, and how they'll have to keep paying increasing costs for that too
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  4. The primary flaw is there's no political willpower for serious reform, put it another way:

    Critics said certain banks were to big to fall, they must reform.

    So is the EU now got to the point, where it's unable to reform as it's too big?

    It's all well & good the EU shouting from the roof it admits reform, actions speaks volumes....and from an external viewpoint it appears business as usual.

    Serious reform is much more than political comfort talk.

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  5. It's idiocy. Self harm, as you like to claim.
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  6. Fixed that for you, bro.
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  7. The thing you have to understand about @Higgs_bosun is, he's incapable of analysis of information that doesn't meet his existing viewpoint.
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  8. It's not about the EU's "incredible competency". The concern is the UK Governments incredible incompetency, lack of resource and lack of capacity.

    Until we have in place the money, staff, policy etc, we will not be in a position to conduct an effective Brexit.
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  9. 660

    660 Old-Salt

    Thats subjective and I'll take a wild stab in the dark that you may be a 'teensey weensey' bit biased.
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  10. Do you think it's deliberate then? Or just the normal shambolic UK govt way of doing business but applied to Brexit?
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  11. You may think as you wish, but I am a consultant by trade and am required to provide objective analysis of how business is conducted. What do you think is required to conduct a successful Brexit, what resource do you think is needed and where do you think the deltas are?

    Or do you believe we have everything we need to successfully complete the process in 20 months, as currently defined by HMG?

    Or perhaps you have faith in the Government of the Day to deliver, and will simply get grumpy when, for whatever reason, it doesn't happen in the manner in which you wish?

    I am most interested in your thoughts.
  12. Careful @660 he's a consultant, so make sure that you invoice him for your thoughts and also get him to sign an NDA/SAL first!!!
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  13. 660

    660 Old-Salt

    Ive got confidence that whatever happens the UK will survive, endure and succeed in time.
    No one knows whats required, its never been done before!

    Why dont you tell me what you'd do given that Brexit will happen? I hear you and others run the country down, lets have some concrete answers on what your strategy would be eh!!
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  14. No, I think it's a consequence of austerity.

    Remember, while an earlier poster pointed out it is the job of the CS to deliver Brexit, you are talking about an organisation that has seen a series of cuts and staff that have had, at most, 1% pay rises year on year, that have had senior staff seconded to Departments such as DExEU, that have had a redundancy scheme running and are now dealing with a backlog of issues as a result.

    I cannot comment on other Public Services, but I am sure they are in no better state.

    Sure, you can do Brexit. But trying to do it now, will result in a typical, British, half arsed fudge :-D
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