Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. It won't die. It will be like one of those long running TV shows that just won't die and bugger off. Or Bruce Forsythe.

    It will keep crawling on, wasting money, lives and effort forever more. As too many deluded people with influence are too heavily invested and intertwined into its existence.
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  2. My worry is that the EU may legislate against leaving once we leave. To ensure the membership doesn't dwindle.
    Then how does it enforce that ? Replace "weak" governments with more "favourable" parties or twist their arms ? Look at the dissent and the threats of fines etc.
    If I'm wrong, then great. If not, its not looking good. We might have made a better decision than we know. just my 2p.
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  3. Plausible. Plus, countries like Greece can now never really ever leave. Not with the German's holding the financial gun to their heads.
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  4. EU sans frontiers. Seems to be an official video.
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  5. That vid links into a red pill parody with Dianne Abbott and the EU fairy.
  6. Pills are clearly what the animators were on thinking up a flying carpet...
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  7. That would need treaty change and I think some would oppose such a change.
  8. [DRIFT]

    From a bloke I find very amusing . . found on facebook.

    I took the "quiz", and interested in all 17(?) topics it took nearly 30 minutes, but well worth it.

    What was interesting, is the number of manifesto items on which the different (anonymous) parties are in agreement!


    Note: Also posted on other election/political threads.
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  9. Good job I had nothing on the cards for this weekend. Its going to take at least until monday to un-cringe my spine.
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  10. What they do need to do is stop fighting each other in their own countries.
  11. Meanwhile not all in Germany are quite so sure that Merkel's hard line towards Brexit is sensible. And Germany has the strongest economy in the EU.
    'There will be CONSEQUENCES' German industry chief issues warning shot to Merkel on Brexit

    Just as others in Italy realize how much they could lose in the event of an EU attempt to be unreasonable.
    Italian business chiefs plead for 'soft' Brexit as they fear impact of lost UK trade

    The rhetoric of 'punishment' coming from the EU leaders is a large part of why we voted to leave. They are unrealistic idealists who have lost their grip on reality, believe they are omnipotent, and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. And mistakes in policy have been made.
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