Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Nope, cant agree there. Most of these undesirables don't head for Blighty, far more went straight to Germany and Sweden.

    And how much the "edicts and judges" have "made things impossible" versus the way the individual countries implement the directives.

    The UK, as an example, has an extremely lax interpretation of the "edicts" which means it is nigh on impossible to remove someone.

    Here in Belgium illegals are regularly kicked back to France, sometimes in the middle of the night without the French plod knowing until they find a Belgian car that had made a wrong turning, and that was also seen immediately in the aftermath of the demolition of "The Jungle" when those trying to march on to Zeebrugge were turned back to France upon detection. Those whose asylum claims fail do also get shipped out with no problems.

    So although there have been edicts from the judges that say things like you cannot send failed asylum seekers back to Greece or Hungary, they pale into insignificance when compared to what successive UKGovs themselves, knowingly and quite deliberately, has and/or has not done when it is more than clear that more could have been and most certainly should be done in the face of what has happened over a considerable length of time (think the Balkans, that was when the problem arose). Nothing has been done in that time, only the numbers have fluctuated, and there is the elephant in the room for the problem is actually one which lies with the UK itself and that's one thing that I have a feeling HMG will be a bit squeaky bum about.

    After all, they won't be able to "blame the EU" after Brexit, will they...
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  2. Hyperbole on my part, but the Jungle a figment of our imagination?

    Some may differ.
    EU rules stopped Britain deporting murderers, rapists and violent criminals
    EU laws 'prohibit UK from sending foreign criminals home' - BBC News

    Wow! Sorry got a little lost there, and the Elephant being?
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  3. Everything in your first link tells you the issue lies with UK interpretation of the edicts, as is so clearly seen in this nugget in your second link.

    See that bold bit? Westminster controls that. Not Brussels.

    You ignoring the above.
  4. EU rules stopped Britain deporting murderers, rapists and violent criminals
    Please do show where ‘everything’ in this first link tells us the issue lies with the UK’s interpretation of the edicts.

    In a complete article upon the EU edicts preventing deportation you take one statement in the whole article to saying ‘he argued that....’ to base your rebuttal on?

    I will grant that the issue is both a complex and much misunderstood one that is used as a political tool. But there are also many judgements that cause serious head-shaking, despite the knowledge that often not all the facts are generaly known.

    It is certainly an issue that is intended to be addressed.
    European Charter of Fundamental Rights to be scrapped on the day Britain leaves the EU. - Zeitungen aus der ganzen Welt
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  5. Read your links in their entirety and not just the headlines
  6. I have, and why my last post stated that this issue is still of concern, and going to addressed.

    An interesting link posted by @RCT(V)...
    Europe: More Migrants Coming: "Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way"

    ...would seem to indicate that the EU’s intention to re-open borders and carry on with their ‘Crown Jewel’ of free movement, and it’s seemingly badly managed agreements with Turkey will once again increase the pressure of economic migrants who wish to come to this country, bringing with them the undesirable and violent elements that should be denied entry/expelled.

    Sensible control of borders, sensible control the influx of immigrants, and sensible ability to remove those who contravene the law would seem to many vital elements that the EU has not, and is not managing well, and that removing ourselves from this situation is critical.
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  7. Of course the French will interfere alonside others into "Brexit", including the new French President who has stated that 'Breixt' is a "CRIME", possibly 'Political Heresy' against the Brussels Politburo - but against whom, and against what. Article 50 of the Treaty of Rome was in the Treaty, so any member states has and still has the legal right to withdraw for the Brussels Politburo of EU Political Turd Polishers. What next? Threaten tos end the Grande Arme des L'Etats EU-SSR to invade the UK to bring all back to "Correct Ways/"

    These remarks are just the political posturing of Polical Muppets trying to 'prove' that they have 'Les Grandes Cojones' and Big Bollocks too. Bunch of tw*ts.
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  8. Wonder if the UK will somehow be roped in again to help cope with that perennial EU economic abscess, Greece, who once again have their can stretched out?

    Another of the EU’s brilliant ideas gnawing at fast disappearing buttocks as the EU Muppets lose yet more stuffing.
  9. The begging bowl may be out, but it's not being filled as the bickering continues regarding the IMF being on board, which won't happen unless countries such as Germany and Holland agree to "debt relief".

    There's €7+ billion to be paid in July, if there's no agreement soon then several bums will be squeaking quite loudly.
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  10. That is what the Bavarian CSU wants, but Angie will have non of it. They've been demanding a cap on immigration for over a year as well as more robust measures to sort out the wheat from the chaff.
  11. Aaah... a well worn phrase often heard. "Just until my (non existent) ship comes in Guv.”

    The Greeks seem to have found it impossible to collect taxes, to change a way of life/national sport, dodging taxes, or to wean themselves off the flow that has poured from the EU cornucopia of easy money. Pretty well
    all of which was foreseen, foretold, and ignored by the Brussels Brigade, who are now arguing how to resolve this latest of the ongoing crises .
    NO DEAL: Greece default looms as Eurozone and IMF clash over debt measures

    Indeed she won’t, and, why ‘we’ (the possibly saner lot) decided that ‘divorce' is the only way out, and the sooner the better.

    The issue of undemocratic ‘unelected bureaucrats’ dictating to sovereign countries appears to have got under the skin of a number of countries with Poland is now unhappy.
    ‘Where’s the legitimacy?’ Poland hits out at EU’s ‘unelected bureaucrats’ in new row
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  12. What seems unbelievable is that it seems to have taken the EU leaders some time to get to grips with the stark reality that their fairyland spending will face a severe cut when Britain leaves.
    Brussels SLAMMED with cost of Brexit: EU initiatives face budget axe as UK funds to dry up

    Their seeming arrogance and belief that they could simply demand massive sums money from Britain to make up for our dues is also looking a little shaky.
    'Exaggerated, dangerous, indefensible' Ex-euro judge eviscerates EU's position on Brexit

    One thing is quite clear, no sensible tax payer in Britain would agree with the outrageous demands being bandied about presently by the Brussels bully boys, or agree with any British Government that meekly submitted to them.

    The ‘remainers’ are being reduced to wailing in the wilderness as Britain finally gets down to getting rid of the unrealistic, socialistic, uneconomically myopic ball and chain the EU had become.
  13. The problem is that there are plenty who you would see as perfectly sensible in many other areas who do actually think that is precisely what should happen.
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  15. I watched an a TV interview with Nigel Farage talking to posh tottie Rachael Johnson, who is a Lib-Dem supporter and a 'remainer'. This was quite interesting. Farage stated that he beleives that the EU will be finished in ten years time, or certinly a shadow of its current self. Anybody like to guess if the EU will still be around?