Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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    That's really not the issue. I frequently used to talk to people going to Poland or Lithuania and Belgium for breast surgery, carrying the money for their surgery. I also interviewed arab people about the medical treatment they were having in the UK and they were paying for it. The Point is none of it was on the NHS and there was no evidence that they were expecting to use the indiginous medical services of those countries. But even so there was E111 and laterly EHIC, which were set up as countervailing repayment systems. If Spain has that problem and Britain has that problem then there is something basically wrong with the internal mechanism and the rates charged for individual specialisms surely. And yet the EU stays stumm. It also says more about the EU mentality of running deficits. It's a point I keep trying hammer home.
    We are frequently told that our services cost this that or the other.
    Actually they don't. The staff are on hand, the equipment is paid for for these eventualities, but each person is only one person. But if certain people pretend they are four or five people for the advantages in benefits and the EU has done nothing to clamp down on this, there's going to be a train smash.
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  2. Hello Peugeot and Citroen!

    French company wants to buy a US owned company that only really caters for UK market and you have a problem with that? Strange even for you!
  3. Why is there a need to do second Referendum? Once decided it is decided. There is no place to call for second referendum. It just means loads of work and delay in economic policy.

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  4. EU Policy old chap. Any decision by referendum that is not fully approved by the EU Commission and/or Council must be be re-run until the correct answer is returned. Precedent set many years ago.
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  5. PSA will of course be seeking similar assurances from UKG that Nissan did.

    PSA have already stated that the UK car manufacturing is probably one of the most efficient in the world.

    Reducing the burden of importing specific parts & be even more self-sufficient within the industry, in time should prosper.

    The focus of the two Vauxhall plants is to ensure they're an invaluable asset to PSA's portfolio and perform.
  6. I would substitute the word "correct answer" with "politicaly favorable result".
  7. There is no need for a second referendum and there shouldn't be one. Only a few (vociferous though some of them are) calling for one. I am against leaving but accept the result and it should now go ahead as the government sees fit. This faffing about with supreme courts, HoL changes and so on is probably making the EU laugh up their sleeves. The EU commission has consistently asked for Article 50 to be invoked and, apart from the odd peripheral politico, has stated no discussions or deals until it is. Regardless of "oh, let's ask for this and say this will happen" before the A50 negotiations start is simply strengthening the EU stance and weakening the UK one.
    I hope UK gets the best deal it can out of the talks for UK. The grandstanding, the "let's do this and let's give them that" and the reviewing before our PM has even notified the EU officially that it wants to leave the EU is simply that, grandstanding.
    It won't be long now before it starts (I hope) and then the real fun will begin. Showing your hand before the game even starts won't win the all-in prize, though.
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  8. I have trouble understanding the behaviour of the parliament. Why don't they simply find solution and work on building new clauses in economic relations with the EU states along with invoking Article 50. They are wasting time by doing referendum call just to appease few fellows.
  9. Not a problem for me, I would not be seen dead in a Vauxhall... But according to pundits it may be another nail in the coffin of British manufacturing being sealed by brexit.
  10. Pundits?
    Some pundits.
    Are you one?
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  11. I live in Hope.
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  12. Pundits is code for "this is what I think and if you call me out on it I will class you as a mong and spend hours googling until I find someone obscure who might agree with me"
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  13. I fear that it is no use. Any blow to the economy caused by the uncertainty of brexit will be dismissed as having occurred anyway.

    I fear that it is the future generations who will feel the worst of it. So many once bright futures consigned to the ashes of the past
  14. Given the number of Pundits who have been wrong....... Nah not a good Idea.
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  15. UK military ‘must not be used as bargaining chip’ in Brexit talks

    Should the UK, at present, Government be using Defence capability as part of the Brexit negotiations?

    Consider that the jointery that is always mentioned when we lack a capability. Maritime Patrol Aircraft, one element of Commando being Dutch, training with the French, being based in Germany.

    Does this not raise questions about the ability of our current Government being able to craft an Agreement?

    Can we really place trust in a Government which has made such a crass attempt to manipulate our European Allies?
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