Results are in and it is leave the EU

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Guns, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Let EU nationals stay, provide certainty and comfort to ex pats...fine. Make the amendment. But what lies in store for non EU migrants already here? They are the main problem, if not the only problem surely? What's the plan, how many etc.? The notion of "getting rid" of foreigners was the only driver for many referendum voters.

    A big round up, cattle wagons to camps and then what?

    Or do we let them stay they will outbreed indigenous people, take power and form an islamic state before we finally terminate our EU involvement?

    At least we got our country back..well sort of.:roll:
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  2. Now I know you haven't got me on ignore:D

    What do you think will happen? at the very most it'll be; get registered. Many incomers may not want to stay.
  3. Many incomers will not want to be registered, especially when living in multiple occupancy residences.

    PS. Many of those now applying for residency have been living in the UK for years. That means they have had more than enough time to get such things in order. All "new" applications should therefore be given short shrift
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  4. It's not the new ones that will be an issue

    Sunday depress has bandied the figure of 400% increase in EU migrants using the NHS
    "Department of Health figures show the number of visitors using their EHIC cards rose from 3854 in 2012 to 18167 last year........ ( and that's only the ones that have claimed using EHIC)
    But separate figures how that the UK pays out four times what it gets back. Last year the [main] countries racked up £130 million under the scheme. The UK [sic recovered] figure was just over 31 Million. Andrew Bridgen MP "serious questions must be asked"

    Mmm Multiple occupancy residences are another can of worms that they would rather we never mentioned as it reflects badly on Local council control of budgets and the shocking lack of communications between DWP, Councils and HMRC (IR):-x.

    Firstly a sizeable number of "EU" migrants have dual nationality with non EU countries.

    Secondly it brings into play the mismatch of NI numbers which are not verified by councils.

    Thirdly it may well be found that a sizeable minority are also operating the same scams on the continent as they do here protected by their EU status.

    A lot of these things could in fact be verified by bringing back boarding controls
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  5. You mean the same the same HoL that just the other day you were complaining about after their amendment? Those legal Bigwigs? Anyway, you seem not to have grasped the gist of the statements on EU liabilities. The HoL, PMTM and the Chancellor are all talking about future EU budgets after the UK is no longer a member. Pensions are deferred commitments and they will have to be met. The hole is where the UK (Just like the others) was supposed to have put money for years to fund defined benefits pensions. However, as the country is run by politicians who like to spend all money twice, they decided not to, choosing instead to push the debt down the road and let future tax payers stump up when the pensions are actually due. I doubt that you will grasp that simple concept so I'll tell you what; you and I are not going to agree on this, so let's just wait and see shall we?

    As for this:


    Grow up!

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  6. Regarding the amount claimed on medical payments. Have you ever thought that it could be because of the huge number of Brits visiting the other 27 countries? There were over 7,000 Brits treated last year in the Benidorm hospitals alone and that just accounts for those using the EHIC. Add in the number of Brits visiting the rest of Spain (over 15 million last year) and the number visiting France The number of tourists to Spain was 55 million in total, in France it was around 85 million and the Brits accounted for over 12 million of them.
    Spain reckons the cost of treating Brits comes to something like 90 million euro and they get back less than 40 million (and it takes ages to get it as well).
    About 36 million visited UK but France, the biggest number of visitors, totalled less than 2 million.
    All well and good saying UK doesn't get as much as it pays out on treating temporary visitors (apart from their woeful lack of actually claiming) but the amounts could directly be due to the actual numbers.

    And I know UK is the most important and overrun country in the world with a guesstimate of 3.1 million EU citizens living there but Germany, France and Spain have more with Italy only just behind the UK.
  7. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I believe that Germany, France and Spain are much larger countries when compared with the UK though.
  8. 3 million EU nationals living in UK...most of them are working, many will go home when work runs out. Others are willing to integrate and share our common values.

    3 million muslims living in UK, all are here to stay, the biggest threat to our culture and safety ever. Insular and dangerous with bad intentions.

    Brexit will not deal with the real is therefore an act of self harm and futility.
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  9. Dear oh dear, did you read my posts on the amendment, especially the one where I quoted the offending amendment? Thought not. Stop making things up

    And nobody is talking about not paying out pensions as per agreed, it's the FURTHER CONTRIBUTION that will stop, as I have said, as the UK is NOT the body who pays out the pensions, the contract is with the EU and that makes it their problem.

    As far as the "hole" goes, the EU could have remedied that but chose not to. That means it is an EU problem and the UK should not be paying for that.

    Ans as far as the SABC goes, when you talk rot you will receive such a thing. If it upsets you so much then I suggest you are the one who needs to "grow up".
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  10. I doubt the same scams are being run on the continent as other member states do generally check for entitlement and enforce things. As I've said, if you go to a hospital or doctor in Belgium and have no Belgian health insurance, or proof that your own country's healthcare covers you, you get your credit card out immediately. The UK does not, and, as said many a time, the UK is the problem there.
  11. How does it pan out when compared to the native population and/or land area?
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  12. Goodbye Vauxhall.
  13. How Ironic that - the man who decries brexit as the racist vote

    Complains that it wont get rid of the wrong sort of Brown people.

    Still I suppose we could always "delouse" them
  14. Oh dear, you are a troubled soul aren't you?
  15. So, once again, no answers. That's nice
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