Result - Northern Ireland 1 v 0 England

Wee Norn Iron defeats England 1 - 0 at Windsor Park Belfast

What bliss for the Ulstermen.

Aussies to beat England in the final test and the week of sport is complete.

"Stand up for the Ulstermen, Stand up for the Ulstermen"




War Hero
******* disgrace, England's player just didn't give a shit.

Fair play to Norn Iron, battled for every ball.
I am crap at football as well - perhaps I should give Sven a call and see if I can get a game .....
It has also been a good night for Scottish sport.



Northern Ireland 1 - England 0,zilch, nil points.... :D :D :D :D
When Sven is not happy off the field it shows on the field.

Poor leadership, poor substitutions, poor discipline.

Well done Northern Ireland. First home win over England in 70 odd years.....they were the better team.
ViroBono said:
The activities of a bunch of overpaid, badly-coiffed chavs playing ball-kicking games is hardly current affairs, surely?
Yes it is.
Congratulations Northern Ireland! Tremendous result. The England team are, of course, a crass and overpaid disgrace.

fair play to NI they where the best team.
Sven is a................... C*NT... and the whole England team. I did not see one ounce of passion from any of the England players. Sven will have to go, end of story. Even the supporters who are 100% behind Sven will have to wake up now. Sven follows in the foot steps of Glen Hoddle, Kevin Keagen & Graham Taylor who can barely run a sunday pub team, never mind a national team.
You complete snob VB! Its people like you that told me to stop wearing football shirts cos it wasn't officer like. Its ridiculous. The nation gets behind our sporting teams and be interested even if they embarrass us at times. To say its not current affairs is like saying the devastation in New Orleans is a minor problem for someone else to deal with. Idiot!
Come on VB, the Northern Ireland players, many of whom make their living at the less fashionable end of professional football may be chavs, but they are certainly not overpaid!

David Healy, plays for one of the worst sides in international football, and one that much to the delight of the media became the joke of football by not scoring for a world record length of time and a man who has played probably the majority of his caps alone up front has scored 19 goals in 46 matches, not bad at all. A very underrated player, and our best with the possible exception of Maik Taylor, who is a colossus in goal.
To be fair, it was all about the new "Peace in Northern Ireland" thing.

IRA says, we'll give up our weapons
Blair says, "Thanks, well, oh can we keep the Northern chaps happy....Sven...would you mind just throwing this one please...there's a good Swede"

On the up side.....England could always win the toss tomorrow

I hated cricket because of it looks rather appealing.... :lol:
‘Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Maggie Thatcher – can you hear me, Maggie Thatcher! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!’

BBR, Coleraine.
greenslime_geordie said:
You complete snob VB! Its people like you that told me to stop wearing football shirts cos it wasn't officer like. Its ridiculous. The nation gets behind our sporting teams and be interested even if they embarrass us at times. To say its not current affairs is like saying the devastation in New Orleans is a minor problem for someone else to deal with. Idiot!
I have nothing against football shirts, when worn for playing football - otherwise they are generally ill-advised, particularly when worn by the overweight and/or unfit. The attraction of paying large sums to buy nylon clothing bearing a) free advertising for various companies and b) someone else's name is beyond me.

I don't think the nation genuinely gets behind its sports teams - there is massive media hype, certainly, and the breweries and manufacturers of flags, St George's cross, chav car for the use of encourage it too. If the Beckham creature announced that he was going to play for Russia, football fans would be the first to sport tacky apparel covered in Cyrillic writing. Still, if those foolish enough to fall for the hype and marketing think it's national pride rather than being manipulated by businesses who am I to argue.

Your argument about national teams would perhaps be more credible if they were genuinely national teams, but they aren't, at least with ball-kicking. Many of the players belong (in the true sense of the word, having been bought and paid for) to foreign teams, and the England manager is foreign too - once again in it for the money.

NI have obviously done well against a much better funded team, so well done to them.

To compare football with the New Orleans disaster is facile and demonstrates a feeble grasp of what is important and matters and what is not. Hurricane Katrina was a major natural disaster, resulting in many deaths, massive homelessness and will is affecting economies globally. Football is just a game (and a tedious one at that). Just why do football fans assume that everyone else is interested? Put it in the Sports forum.
Never mind, first ball down the range at 10:00 tomorrow :D
You are spot on about man made fibres (the work of satan) and of course to compare the match to the hurricane is insulting, but we in NI have little enough to celebrate, so I am going to enjoy it anyway. Best sporting moment since Ulster won the Heineken Cup. (I really was there that time)
I'm rooting for the England team in the Ashes; I cheered when we won the rugby World Cup. I fully agree with Flanders and Swann that 'the English, the English, the English are best, I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest'.

So why is there a part of me that, inside, clenches a fist and goes 'Yesss!' when the England football team loses?

Is it just because I think that the entire team are a bunch of overpaid and useless c*nts?

Well done Northern Ireland, you made my night.

A classic case of the whole being less than the sum of its parts. There's no doubting the quality of the individual players but what exactly happens when they get together to play for England?

Still, win the next two games and were top of the table. I'm not going to panic....yet.
England lose and Scotland actually win? 8O Fcuk me, is there a full moon?!

As a follower of one particular red team, I've seen the standards of football has generally dropped in at least the past couple years. My own team's performance was so utter shite last year that my interest has hardly flickered at the start of this new season. How much I would want to disagree with the previous post, I think Viro's got a point about the majority of them being vastly overpaid for their so-called talent when their wives, girlfriends, spending or sexual/disorderly antics get more press than anything else.

Why a national team needs to go through so many managers? Something or someone needs a strong strict kick in match preparation which is not going to come from Sven. I thought England's team is supposed to have at least five 'top' players in there - Rooney, Gerald, Owen, Beckham, Lampard (not including Wright-Phillips) - withhold half their pay if they lose and you'ld see a much more valued performance.
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