Result for the TA!

Did I note the use of the words "Kings' Regiment" and "Looting" in the same paragraph?

Good on the Kingos

We need more of this, and more TA soldiers to be identified and used for their civvy skills as well, as opposed to just stagging on.

Well done all


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Could someone please cut and paste the article onto ARRSE? For those of us overseas, the only way to access TimesOnline is by paying - shudder!

Please help - I want to know what's so interesting!

Check your Hotmail Inbox :D

. Some of the new soldiers to be sent to Iraq will be guarding oil pipelines
So it's confirmed then, more TA Infantry required :evil:

A certain London based Inf unit is sending a Coy group over there very soon.


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Dear All, esp. BB -

Thanks for the text - excellent story, and absolutely on the nose. The CPA is very heavily reliant on the Army, and particularly the TA (Such as Maj Charles Monk named in the article).
A massive amount of good work is going on out here, but none of it ever seems to get into the press - especially not the bloody BBC. Out here in this large local town, far from Basrah, the Iraqis are enjoying the most stable and prosperous time ever. They have relative security, plenty of money, free electricity, no taxes, cheap petrol (around 5p a litre!) and local Councils are being formed from their tribal and other leaders, in a democratic manner. Basically, most Iraqis have never had it so good. The Marsh Arabs have marshes again (I will post some pics later) after they were drained by Saddam, and life is generally returning to 'normal', or what will pass for it around here.

So, it isn't all bad news, and the Army, specifically the British, Dutch and Danish Armies, are really, really, making a difference. Certain other NATO allies here have proved totally usless, but in deference to their at least turning up (unlike those vile scum-sucking bottom feeders the french) I won't-a name them.

Sorry, I've had to delete your cut and paste , as there may well be a copyright issue.

Note to all, in future, and I know it's a bloody embuggerance, but it keeps our collective arrse's covered, an excerpt/quote is fine, with a link.

In the case of PRESS RELEASES , such as MOD etc, which are meant for public distribution, then post away to your little hearts content.

Bravo 2 ,

It should be fairly common knowledge in our circles by now , but I'd ask everyone, not to specifically name the Regt/Corps until such time as Buff makes an official statement.

Confidence is high, they won't be the only ones B2

In a certain location there was an air conditioning plant that was u/s. The sappers made great progress in getting it working for a few hours each day but couldn't keep it going 24/7.

A TA sgt went to his OC and informed him that he was a Refrigeration Engineer in real life and would be pleased to have a look at the air con. Enquiries were made at higher level and back came the answer No thanks the fridges are working fine it's the air con thats causing problems.

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