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  1. This is the latest on where we're going - purely for those who may not know. :D

    Guards Division:

    (5 Regular battalions in 5 regiments - no change; confirmed Dec. 2004)

    Grenadier Guards 1st Battalion
    Coldstream Guards 1st Battalion
    Scots Guards 1st Battalion
    Irish Guards 1st Battalion
    Welsh Guards 1st Battalion
    Honourable Artillery Company [T.A.] - re-roled as infantry + 1 coy
    A Company - ex 1 Sqn HAC
    B Company - ex 2 Sqn HAC
    C Company - ex 3 Sqn HAC
    D (Middlesex) Company at Edgware - ex B Coy, London Regt

    Scottish Division (5 Regular battalions in 1 regiment)

    The Royal Regiment of Scotland

    New Regiment; provisional regt and bn titles announced Dec. 2004

    The Royal Scots and King's Own Scottish Borderers (1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland) - merger of 1st Bn Royal Scots and 1st Bn KOSB

    The Royal Highland Fusiliers (2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland) - ex 1st Bn RHF

    The Black Watch (3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland) - ex 1st Bn Black Watch

    The Highlanders (4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland) - ex 1st Bn The Highlanders

    The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland) - ex 1st Bn Argyll & Sutherland Hldrs

    6th Battalion [T.A.] - ex 52nd Lowland Regt [prediction]
    A (Royal Scots) Company at Edinburgh
    B (Royal Highland Fusiliers) Company at Ayr
    C (Royal Highland Fusiliers) Company at Glasgow
    D (King's Own Scottish Borderers) Company at Galashiel

    7th Battalion [T.A.] - ex 51st Highland Regt + 1 coy

    A (Black Watch) Company at Dundee
    B (Gordons) Company at Peterhead
    C (Seaforth & Camerons) Company at Inverness
    D (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) Company at Dumbarton
    E (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) Company at Stirling
    G (London Scottish) Company at Westminster, London - ex A Coy, London Regt

    Queen's Division (6 Regular battalions in 3 regiments)

    The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

    Large regt was created in 1993, but omits "Queen's and Royal Hampshires" subtitle and absorbs Berkshire and Wiltshire element of RGBW

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    3rd Battalion [T.A.] - ex 3rd Bn PWRR + 2 coys
    HQ (The Buffs) Company at Canterbury
    A (Queen's Royal Surreys) Company at Farnham
    B (Royal Sussex) Company at Brighton
    C (Princess of Wales's Hampshire) Company at Portsmouth - ex C Coy, Royal Rifle Vols and re-badged from PWRR
    D (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Company at Reading & Swindon - ex RGBW Coy, Royal Rifle Vols
    E (Royal West Kent) Company at Canterbury

    The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

    Large regt was formed in 1968 [no change]

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    3rd Battalion [T.A.] - formed by reorganisation of companies [prediction]:
    A (Warwickshire) Company at Sheldon, Birmingham - ex A Coy, West Midlands Regt
    C (City of London) Company at Balham, London - ex C Coy, London Regt
    X (Northumberland) Company at Newcastle upon Tyne - ex X Coy, Tyne Tees Regt
    Z (Northumberland) Company at Ashington - ex Z Coy, Tyne Tees Regt

    The Royal Anglian Regiment

    Large regt was formed in 1964 [no change]

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    3rd Battalion [T.A.] - ex East of England Regt, less D (WFR) Coy
    HQ (Suffolk) Company at Blenheim Camp, Bury St Edmunds
    A (Norfolk and Suffolk) Company at Norwich & Lowestoft
    B (Lincolnshire) Company at Lincoln
    C (Leicestershire and Northamptonshire) Company at Leicester & Northampton
    E (Essex and Hertfordshire) Company at Chelmsford

    King's Division (5 Regular battalions in 2 regiments)

    The King's, Lancashire and Border Regiment

    New Regiment; 3 regular bns (1st Bn KORBR, 1st Bn King's, 1st Bn Queen's Lancashire Regt) merge into 2 without subtitles.

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    3rd Battalion [T.A.] - ex Lancastrian & Cumbrian Regt + King's coys
    HQ (Quebec) Company at Kimberley Barracks, Preston
    A Tobruk (King's Own Royal Border Regiment) Company at Barrow in Furness
    B Somme (Queen's Lancashire Regiment) Company at Preston
    C Sicily (King's Own Royal Border Regiment) Company at Workington
    D Waterloo (Queen's Lancashire Regiment) Company at Blackburn
    E (King's) Company at Liverpool including Liverpool Scottish Pln -- ex A Coy, King's & Cheshire Regt
    F (King's) Company at Manchester - ex C Coy, King's & Cheshire Regt

    The Yorkshire Regiment (14th/15th, 19th and 33rd/76th)

    New Regiment; senior Colonel-in-Chief lends her name (having been Honorary Colonel of all Yorkshire Volunteers from 1968); between 2006-2008, 3 regular bns merge into 2 and omit subtitles; TA reverts closely to 1967 structure

    1st Battalion (Prince of Wales's Own)- ex 1st Bn PWO

    2nd Battalion (Green Howards) - ex 1st Bn Green Howards

    3rd Battalion (Duke of Wellington's)- ex 1st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt

    4th Battalion [T.A.] - ex East & West Riding Regt + GH coys + Durham (LI) Coy
    A (Green Howards) Company at Scarborough - ex A Coy, Tyne Tees Regt
    B (Green Howards) Company at Middlesbrough - ex B Coy Tyne Tees Regt
    Ypres Company (Duke of Wellington's Regiment) at Huddersfield
    Fontenay Company (Duke of Wellington's Regiment) at Barnsley
    Quebec Company (Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire) at Hull
    Imphal Company (Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire) at York
    Minden Company at Wakefield - ex Minden Coy, East & West Riding Regt
    Durham Company at Bishop Auckland - ex C Coy, Tyne Tees Regt

    Prince of Wales's Division (5 Regular battalions in 2 regiments)

    The Mercian Regiment

    New Regiment

    1st Battalion (Cheshires) - ex 1st Bn Cheshire Regt

    2nd Battalion (Worcesters and Foresters) - ex 1st Bn WFR

    3rd Battalion (Staffords) - ex 1st Bn Staffordshire Regt

    4th Battalion [T.A.] - formed by reorganisation of companies:
    A (Cheshire) Company at Warrington - ex B Coy, King's & Cheshire Regt
    B (Cheshire) Company at Crewe -- ex D Coy, King's & Cheshire Regt
    C (Worcestershire) Company at Kidderminster - ex B Coy, West Midlands Regt
    D (Staffordshire) Company at Burton-on-Trent - ex C Coy, West Midlands Regt
    E (Staffordshire) Company at Stoke-on-Trent - ex D Coy, West Midlands Regt
    F (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) Company at Mansfield - ex D Coy, East of England Regt

    The Royal Welsh

    New Regiment

    1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh (The Royal Welch Fusiliers) - ex 1st Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers

    2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh (The Royal Regiment of Wales) - ex 1st Bn Royal Regt of Wales

    3rd Battalion [T.A.] - ex Royal Welsh Regt
    A (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Company at Colwyn Bay
    B (Royal Regiment of Wales) Company at Swansea
    C (Royal Regiment of Wales) Company at Cardiff
    D (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Company at Wrexham

    Light Division (4 Regular battalions in 2 regiments)

    The Light Infantry

    Regt was formed in 1968

    1st Battalion - formed by merger of 1st Bn Devonshire and Dorset Regt and Gloucestershire element of 1st Bn RGBW

    2nd Battalion - redesignation of 1st Bn

    3rd Battalion - redesignation of 2nd Bn

    4th Battalion [T.A.] - formed by reorganisation of companies [prediction]:
    A (Devonshire) Company at Pymouth & Exeter - - ex E Coy, Rifle Vols
    B (Somerset) Company at Taunton - ex B Coy, Rifle Vols
    C (Cornwall) Company at Truro - ex D Coy, Rifle Vols
    D (Gloucestershire) Company at Gloucester - ex RGBW Coy, Rifle Vols
    E (Dorset) Company at Dorchester - ex C Coy, Rifle Vols
    F (Shropshire & Herefordshire) Company at Shrewsbury & Hereford, ex E Coy, West Midlands Regt

    The Royal Green Jackets

    Regt was formed in 1966

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    3rd Battalion [T.A.] - formed by reorganisation of companies:
    HQ Company at Battersea, London - ex HQ Coy, London Regt
    A (Oxfordshire) Company at Oxford - ex A Coy, Royal Rifle Vols
    B (Buckinghamshire) Company at Milton Keynes - ex E Coy, Royal Rifle Vols
    C (Royal Green Jackets) Company at Fulham and Davies Street, London - ex F Coy, London Regt
    D (Royal Green Jackets) Company at West Ham, London - ex G Coy, London Regt

    Non-divisional (7 Regular battalions in 4 regiments - no changes)

    The Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling) 83rd & 87th & The Ulster Defence Regt)

    Regt was created in 1968 (and modified in 1992); Home Service bns continue to reduce, merge, and finally disband upon conclusion of peace settlement in Northern Ireland; TA reverts closely to 1967 structure.

    1st Battalion - no change

    2nd (Rangers) Battalion [T.A.] - ex Royal Irish Rangers + 1 coy:
    HQ Company at Portadown
    A Company at Newtownards
    B Company at Abbotscroft, Newtownabbey
    C (London Irish) Company at London - ex D Coy, London Regt

    3rd (Home Service) Battalion - ex 2nd Bn

    4th (Home Service) Battalion - ex 3rd Bn

    5th (Home Service) Battalion - ex 4th Bn

    The Parachute Regiment

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    3rd Battalion

    4th Battalion [T.A.]
    10 (London) Company at White City, London
    12 (Yorkshire) Company at Pudsey
    15 (Scottish) Company at Glasgow

    The Royal Gurkha Rifles

    1st Battalion

    2nd Battalion

    Special Air Service Regiment

    22nd SAS

    21st SAS [T.A.]

    23rd SAS [T.A.]

    **Thank you very much - would have thought this post didn't require it, to be honest, but there you go...**
  2. Wheres the copyright notice from ? :wink:
  3. I'll include it when 'Regiments.blah' put a wee note saying 'Thank you [Insert Calypso's actual rank and appt here] for doing the spadework, along with the other thousand or so faceless SO1 and 2s who put FAS together.'

    Time for ironic icon: :wink:
  4. Yeah! Yeah! :D :D

    The TA inf look v. unwieldy in parts Yorks and Neu Kingos for example, two bns worth of coys. I dunno what the Faithful will think about becoming Tykes!

    Yorkshire Lebensraum
    One Reich! One Volk! One piece of Parkin!
  5. Good call Benjy! :D

    For my (non Inf) part, I have so say I don't really understand what all the hoohah is about.

    There is no doubt that FAS is 'a good thing' which we will accept and forget all about in 5 or so years time.

    I wish that slightly better names had been dreamt up - The Mercian Regiment? Really? Why use historical references and antecedents like these, and then drop a vile concoction like 'The King's Lancashire and Border Regiment' on us? I like the idea of a Royal Scottish Regiment with multiple Battalions, although they must be kidding if anyone will actually care which Battalion used to be which pre-FAS Battalion in the months to come.

    **Cue deluge of pro-Scottish PMs**

    Does anyone now care which consituent organisations now compose the RGJ?

    **Cue flood of imbeciles posting references to DLI/KoYLI etc**

    As long as the excellent service of these fine instituions is not allowed to wither on the vine, and appropriate remembrance is made, I have no problems. I see Hackle has initiated an excellent thread on this very issue elsewhere.

    The immediate aftermath of FAS saw a great outpouring of emotion (some wildly unfocussed) about the supposed effects. We will now have harmonised training years, better and sustainable support in the home base, less tours (although the vast majority of soldiers doing less than 8 months between tours are not Inf anyway), and more troops for more tasks.

    Like Iran. :D
  6. many thanks Calypso, that answers a question I raised some weeks ago.

    self-edit: ie yr future infantry structure post

    Also, when starting another thread today I incorrectly referred (for brevity) to "RSR" instead of "RRS" - altho I appreciate that will NOT be the short title - too close to the short title of this site! :wink:
  7. Hahaha

    Who wouldnt be pro-Scottish?

    **Cue deluge of 'helpful' replies to above question**

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Hackle


    :D :D :D :D
  9. Crystal ball Gazing Time Woowooowooo!

    The Infantry in 10 years time

    The Foot Guards Regiment
    The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    The Queens Anglian Fuzileers Regiment
    The Red and White Rose Regiment
    The Welch and Western regiment
    The Black Mafia Regiment
    The Para Marines Rangers Regiment
    The Hereford Pilgrims Regiment

    The Micks become unarmed Community Service Regiment
    The Ghurkins disbanded as neocolonial legacy....

  10. Christ Bengy - have you hacked into our hard drives?? :D
  11. it all looks horribly similar to what was proposed in the 60's. Wonder how happy the London Scottish are going to be at being brought back into the Highland TA mafia again?
  12. If we are playing Fantasy Restructuring

    London Scottish
    Liverpool Scottish
    Tyneside Scottish

    become 8th (English) Bn RSR....

    then you could have

    Liverpool Irish.......

  13. Why couldn't we have really struck out for the amalgamation of the PWO, the DWR and the Green Howards...

    ...aka The Prince of Wales' Own Green Wellingtons! :D

    Old but still good!
  14. We could apply the same logic to all arms groupings ie we could have 1st All Arms Brigade (SW England), the 43rd All Arms Brigade (Mercia) etc etc. Each Brigade would be composed entirely of locally based units, with CS organic to that Brigade, hence 1 RHA would become 1st All Arms Brigade Artillery Battalion, and so on.

    Didn't the Soviets do something very similar...? :D
  15. Right, digging my Caubeen back out and practicing my scouse. Do I keep the Red and Blue hackle? :lol:

    As a note TF Mills is an American professor, and is just an interested observer like us.

    As 43 Bde would be Wessex.