Restructuring the Corp

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bombdoctor, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. I remember hearing some dirty rumour about a year ago that it was being contemplated within the corridors of malaise that the Corp was potentially splitting into seperate Corps again, like the AGC! Was this just a filthy rumour or not??

    In fact........would you?
  2. Not likely, all the time spent by the Directorate (and others) trying to foster esprit de corps and promote the RLC throughout the Army would be wasted.
  3. And we may have to change our TRFs.
  4. Good rumour to start though! See how strong that esprit de corps really is! plus my TRFs are getting a bit tatty now so i could do with a change.

    Why don't we just settle for trade badges or letters within the TRF like the AGC (i always like trying to guess what them initials stand for) rather than going down the whole new Corps route, far to upsetting for those who have worked so hard making the RLC what it is today! 8)
  5. Not just your TRFs getting tatty...............

    Yes, I am in one of those moods.
  6. Great I've still got my RCT capbadge 8)
  7. i've found my RCT shoulder titles, but have found that CS95 trouser belt loops make usless slides to sew them onto, just haven't got the width!
  8. Nah just have one shoulder title in the middle of the rankslide I baggsy the other
  9. So you don't think we ought to go down the same way as the AGC??? I knew this would provoke general malaise :)
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I've also heard that the Corps is splitting.

    Chefs and Suppliers staying as Logistic Corps.

    Drivers and Port/Semen types to Transport Corps.

    Posties to the AGC (SPS)

    AT's to split trade into Ammo Examiner and go to the REME, EOD operator to the RE.

    All this by 2014.
  11. So that will be 2030 in real terms then?
  12. If we are going to separate then surely this is a good time to get the new corps name correct......

    How about "super funky Loggies" or "Far out loggie dudes"
  13. Have you started drinking already?????
  14. i have.
  15. I'd put money on the other way and going joint. Several other countries have done it and have a logistics service. Not sure about wearing a purple uniform though, clashes with eyes.