Restructuring of the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ghost_Rider, May 12, 2005.

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  1. As everyone is (should be :roll: ) aware, the Army is suffering under the FAS. I have heard that the Navy are also restructuring in a process called "Future Navy". Has anyone got any information about the equivalent process in the RAF?

    Have been tasked with producing the usual bone briefing for people who are not interested in the subject, but want me to do all the work anyway!!

    Anything you've got would be a starting point for me!


  2. Yes, the RAF are moving to "super bases" where functions will be consolidated. Smaller bases are being scrapped. Aircraft types and numbers are being scrapped or retired early. The Jaguar bomber/recce is being withdrawn earlier than planned and the maritime Nimrods are being slashed. Support staff (engineers and technicians) are seeing their numbers cut. One sensible move is the combination of the two major headquarters at High Wycombe and Innsworth but I bet the numbers of senior officers remain the same!

    The reason for all this? Eurofighter and "network enabled capability". This will see the RAF shrink from 53,000 to 41,000. One major negative impact will be the loss of a RAF presence in many parts of the country, with a nasty effect on recruiting. SOmeone somewhere in the know has bought a lot of land in Lincolnshire... :twisted:
  3. chimera

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    And shares in the makers of white socks have plummeted
  4. Future Army NavY Force Alignment Restructuring Team-Fanyfart for short. Smells a bit fishy to me!!
  5. Knew somebody would be able to shed light on the subject. Thanks for the valuable response :!: The briefing notes raised a few eyebrows, but think it was the above which saw the Navy's contribution consigned to the sredder :wink:

  6. Is it time for the Defence Flying Services yet? No RAF or FAA...but lots of money saved with which to buy aeroplanes and ordnance!!