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just wondering if n e one can help, im 23 and had an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction op 2 3/4 yrs ago, occurred playing rugby and im now back doing so

I was going through the officer application to become a RM but when i disclosed this they terminated my application even though i could produce a letter from my surgeon stating a full recovery. The rules stated a past injury of that type would automatically rule me out even though i protested i could not get in contact with anybody that had the power to overturn this by judging me on my personal medical assessment and physical performance. ie i believe you should be given the chance to prove yourself

Just wanted to know if the Army takes the same stance?

ps. what would happen if i didn't disclose this information and passed all the physical elements?

Any advice welcome. Thanking you in advance. Dan
I am not too sure about the Army's stance on your injury. But in response to not disclosing it, that would be imposible as when you apply they request you medical records which would state that you have had such an injury.

Honesty is the BEST approach.

Good Luck!

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