Restrictions on Hand Baggage through BZZ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I've tried phoning the passenger information line, but nobody ever answers.

    Does anyone know whether those deploying to AFG through Brize are subject to the same restrictions on liquids in hand baggage? Trying to figure out whether to pack washbag in checked in luggage or not.

    OK, so not a major item, but I'd rather not have to sort kit out at the check-in desk at stupid o'clock in the morning.
  2. It was on the list of things to pack in my hand luggage so I threw it in, liquids, razor, nail clippers the lot.

    The point was moot as the issue NI daysack was "Too big" and had to go in the hold. The Pvts in front of me and the Cpl behind had no problem with theirs which were also issue and identicle to mine.

    Sad when your life consists of such power trips, but that's just movers for you.
  3. List, you mean you got a list? I'm just packing everything I can think of...
  4. Don't forget your skis, scuba flippers and unicycle.

    Don't laugh, it's what someone managed to add on to the bottom of the emailed list that one of our lads ended up with.

    And condoms....
  5. Dont worry about wash kit stuff, you'll be able to buy all that stuff from the EFI while you're on RSOI. Just take a bar of soap instead of shower Gel/shaving foam, you can use it for both if needs be!

    Ive not had any probelms with taking an issue daysack on a Tristar, you have to have overnight kit to hand anyway. Sometimes they load daysacks on a seperate pallet that can easily be unloaded in the event of an unsheduled stop. The only thing they got shirty about was one lad trying to take both a daysack AND a laptop bag onto the flight.
  6. Day sack with stuff went in hold laptop bag was carried on, on way out. On way back same way apart for getting day sack at KAF and Cyprus.
  7. Military airports have the same restrictions as Civ airports. There are the restrictions for sharps and liquids.

    Not the movers problem
  8. Last time I went with RAF air they didnt have a problem with either the razors in my wash kit or 2 bottles of juice I had. Have they recently changed the rules?
  9. All Airports should follow the rules. They came out around Sep 2001. Maybe you had a relaxed Mover or relaxed RMP. There is no guarantee you will get the same again.
  10. Relaxed RMP? WTF? Since when have RMP been involved in Movcon issues such as checking hand luggage at Brize?
  11. The only time I can remember them telling people about razor blades was just after 9/11. I don't think Ive ever had a problem since. Unlike Birmingham international where I'm always given a vigourous body rub by some drooling pervert under the guise of a search. Try investing in some handheld scanners you deviants.
  12. 7 lads this year gone and not one problem with liquids of razors,
  14. I asked this question a while back of the Aviation Security Division of the DfT, i worked in the business at the time.

    Military are not exempt as the aircraft they fly on go over countries with the same restrictions in place. Should the aircraft have to divert into a civilian airfield then you may/will be required to go through the security regime at the airport. Hence the restrictions on military aircraft with military personnel.

    Civvies don't quite understand the military needs...........

    Having said that it did answer why whenever i moved via crab air that I had my hand luggage checked and items removed then sat three feet from a pallet containing the units weapons on the back of fat albert. Seemed bizarre at the time.......
  15. At least you don't have these problems at the Falklands/Acension. :)