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By and large people of here are pretty good at sticking to the rules of the site but it has become apparent that there is an increasing tendency to treat all the site as though it was the NAAFI. Normally this is done by long standing & established members of the site who almost certainly know better.

I've considered how to deal with this and my initial appeal for people to behave themselves appears to have been ignored by a small minority.

The latest thing I'm going to try is applying 'ROPs' to users who the moderation team are out of order. Once applied this will restrict your user considerably including loss of avatar, signature block, ability to use advanced editing features, no chat and only a single PM in your inbox.

Length of time on ROPs will vary but an appropriate apology will normally be sufficient for it to be revoked except for repeat offenders.
Fair one and i'm glad that you reminded all of us to use the NAAFI for the more blatant rants.

A few of the users are getting into a frenzy of hatred and are coming out with things that may be down right offensive to the majority of us.....worst of all, they aren't even mildly amusing or funny.

Before you know it, we'll have a crab or some such princess whinging about some of the posts, and being so outraged that he's unable to leave the site. :)
As long as it's classed as RoP's and not Aig's or what ever they're called now-a-days. What about limiting the number of posts per day? If your childs naughty, you might leave them with one crayon and take the rest off them. That way they make less mess.

But you do have a fair point.


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Would the offender be 'tagged' as being on RoP's?

If not it would appear to defeat the object in my honest opinion.

Plus it will not cure the problem of multiple accounts/sock puppetry and the likes of deirdre rachid et al.

Good idea in principle though as long as I don't get one.
Would it be a good idea to put the norty boy in this situation.

'This message is hidden because: He is a norty boy.'

To everyone !!!
Have you issued any warnings to the ones you have a problem with?
If not how are they supposed to know? Magic, Derek Accorah?
Might be an idea to issue a gypsies to the known offenders on the MODs radar. Last Chance Saloon; so the individuals in question KNOW they are on the slippery slope...

At the moment, maybe a LOT of us are having a few shivers of verticalgryratorism ;-)
Currently those on the list are all related to crayoning over the 'Introduce Yourself Thread'
  • FiveAlpha
  • jarrod248
  • Nobby Sapper
  • tropper66
Currently those on the list are all related to crayoning over the 'Introduce Yourself Thread'
  • FiveAlpha
  • jarrod248
  • Nobby Sapper
  • tropper66
Ah, excellent, Zero_Over isn't on that list....
Its is... but, rules is rules.

Anyway, as the power of arrse works on the braying of a collective lynch mob, can we lobby for Zero_Over to be added to the list? He is a gobshite of the highest order, a sheep's vagina, and I suspect, a walt of some sort - probably ginger. I also believe he secretly bats for the other side; Germany, in the last international bout of fisticuffs.

He also bullies me in chat.
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