Restricting Internet access

OK - I seem to be getting somewhere with the WiFi problem. Is there any way that you can restrict Internet access if you have a WiFi signal.

What I'd like to be able to do is to restrict a person's usage to, say, one hour per day: Is this easy to do? I stayed at a campsite with Mrs Bonzo last year and they had some restricted service that gave you a one hour use.

Is there a programme that one can buy that would set people up on a password? I don't want any friends of mine staying and then thrapping themselves to death looking at p0rn.


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Depending on the router you are using there may be access controls already built into it. I can restrict access to sites by time of day for example with mine.
It is definitely possible with both my (LinkSys) routers and I think also the Orange Livebrick.

Just go into the router's setup and under Administration, you'll find Access and Restrictions. An hour a day does seem possible to configure. That's for the LinkSys but I'm sure other makes have something similar. Just enter (it does vary according to make) in IE (or whatever) and if you haven't already changed the password (and I would) then type 'admin' until you're blue in the face and that's you into the router setup menu.

All of this should be somewhere in the destruction manual or on the router manufacturer's website.

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