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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lilylow11, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. By the powers of Grayskull, its a walters paradise in there! Helicopter gunnery drills? :x
  2. They're SPAMs and have different rules. Freedom of Information and all that stuff.
  3. ...and because they're spam publications, you can't expect them to actually contain anything of value to the enemy.

    Mind you, some of them could indeed be dangerous out in the open. My particular recommendations for reclassification include 'Paving & Surfacing Operations' and 'Army Water Transport Operations'. :roll:
  4. Nor to the Yanks themselves.
  5. They even sell some of this shite in the book stores across there, saw some in a Barnes and Noble in San Francisco in January.
  6. From what I recall, "Restricted" was a security classification applied by the Brits and no one else. Other nations tend to have "Confidential" as their lowest classification. For some reason, in days of yore, other nations were misguided enough to think that Catering Manuals and Drill Manuals need not be classified.
    I remember referring to UK manuals that were "Restricted" but not finding the info I was after and having to go to the NATO source documents for more info or clarification and finding that the NATO docs were unclassified.
    So we get info from NATO or others nation's publications that are unclassified and readily available to every Tomaso, Riccardo or Henri and incorporate this info in one of our publications and give it a security classification. You can buy a US FM or TM off the interweb and leave it lying around no problem, however, if you leave a Brit publication that was copied from those US publications around and one of your betters or one of the rubber heeled gang comes across it, you could say goodbye to your LS&GC.
  7. Restricted seems to get slapped on every document written regardless of content - seems the default setting.
  8. Tell you want its not on - is the copy of Razzle in my office drawer........ :D
  9. Even the propaganda leaflets we used to drop on Germany in WWII were classified as Restricted.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Well we wouldn't want them falling into enemy hands now would we :D