Restricted files lost by minister !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Karl_uk, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. We should Troop the Colour in Westminster. Then we could have 'Minister lost by files'.

    Bada-boom tish.
  2. Nothing else stolen from her office or any other office? Sounds like she left it on the train.
  3. The BBC says that: "A personal computer holding sensitive documents relating to defence and extremism has been stolen from Hazel Blears' constituency office in Salford."

    But a government spokesperson tells Sky News that:

    "The PC was primarily used for Hazel's constituency business and contained some details of her constituency work.

    "The PC also contained some material from the department. None of the departmental material included sensitive personal data about the public or would be of use to criminals.

    "The PC did not contain any secret or top secret information and the contents of the PC are protected and clearly this is now subject to a routine police investigation."

    So who is telling porkies??
  4. Couldn't have happened to a nice person.

    I expect the Perp has already been turned into a frog.
  5. It's all about fashion ;)
  6. Think it is a case of playing down the situation......

    they obviously do not know who took the laptop and what connections they have... was it a common oppotunist thief or trageted theft by someone with links to not vey nice people.....
  7. If you speak Whitehall you might interpret the government statement to mean 'the laptop contained material classifed CONFIDENTIAL or RESTRICTED which would be of value to terrorists or potential terrorists'.

    Don't read what they deny, read what they don't deny.

    But if it's encrypted there's no need to worry.

  8. Yeah, but if it's encrypted, how does the BBC seem to know what was on it?
  9. Bit surprised the BBC mentioned this,I thought they were at the vanguard of the class struggle ;)
  10. What's going on with these people? Is it national Freedom of Information week?
  11. So, the grinning smug mongess:

    ".....ordered sensitive Cabinet documents on religious extremism to be forwarded to a laptop in her constituency, which was subsequently stolen.

    Downing Street said that an “urgent” investigation was under way after the documents relating to security and planning were e-mailed from secure government machines to the computer in Ms Blears’ Salford constituency office in Salford’s Working Class Movement Library. "

    Brilliant, Hazel. Ever heard the saying "the fish goes rotten from the head"? About time we had a Cabinet reshuffle. Oh wait.......
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    But shuffle them with what? The parliamentary party is full of talentless wasters. How do you fill the great offices of state with whats on offer, theres monkeys with more ability that what cyclops has to choose from.

    Just call an election and put an end to this farce that try to call themselves a government.