Restricted Countries?

Not sure if I'm in the right forum here but does any have a list of countries that are restricted?

I know I could just go and ask the clerk but that would take weeks for a reply. And I'm at home.

Where are you planning on going?
Basically its most communist countrys where you have to apply for permission to go, even then you get stopped and asked for you papers every 5 minutes in them and can normally have a shadow you can see on your shoulder.

There are others with dictators, where you would be advised not too go,

If in doubt contact your unit, or speak to the forgien and commonwealth office, they have a web site that should tell you of dodgy countrys
Is Ireland still off limits? I know many guys have gone over on the quiet, but what's the official line?
could you list the names of all of those that you know have gone across to Ireland without permission.
I promise that the names will not be passed on to any spooks or Feds! honest
Yellowbelly, unless you've got family over there, the official line is don't go.Ahem.

However, if you do get caught out and the Britmilrep Dublin/MOD find out, you can fcuking standby to standby because they will use you and abuse you.....

Of course, this applies to an Irishman who knows what to do/not to do etc but doesn't apply to HM Ships/Naval Air Sqn's that go for a weekend on the beer.
Roger that. Was as I thought. I have no folks there. Still find it a bit strange though that nothing has been relaxed, especially as Dublin is supposed to be a cracking weekend. And contains gallons of the black stuff.

I went to Dublin a few months back and when i asked about the situation out there all i got was that it required a 'security information consultation' or summat along those lines which consisted of me being told not to chat about the army or that i was in and to be careful. Thats bout it really although i was only going for a weekend and it may be different for longer peroiods.

Had a fantastic piss up tho!!!! Guiness storehouse was pretty cool 2!!!!!

Trust me on this. Unless you've got family or husband/wife there, you will not be allowed to go. Of course, this is bloody ridiculous when you consider how many brits are in Dublin on holiday/working etc but its the rule. The chances of getting caught are very slim but if you do get caught, you will be fcuked..especially if you've got a DV clearance. They'll see that as reason enough to revoke it.


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We had a girl go to Cuba on her Hols this year - she didn't realise it was a dodgy place Sy-wise (and she's DV'd. Doh!)

All she had to do was attend a short brief to make her aware of things before she went. Nothing painful, and no trouble.

Don't try to sneal through - do it properly, it's worth it!


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I am listed with the local Int & Squint as a frequent traveller to interesting places as I hold a list b commission. I have a meeting with them once in a while where they go through my diary and ask a few questions.

All I have to do is report my activities at these meetings from a diary that i keep for each trip. No, they were not interested in ireland and didn't want to know about it.
What you need is JSP440 as below:

JSP 440. The Defence Manual of Security Issue 3, AL1 - JSP 440 is the Defence Manual of Security, covering Protective Security Policy, Security Organisation, Asset marking and control, Personnel Security, Physical and Environmental security, Communication and Information Systems security and Security Compliance

It should give you the list of countries currently restricted and the rules and regs in wishing to visit them. Also gives specific details for cetrtain countries..China being the only one I can remember.



Jones_the_4Tonner said:
China being the only one I can remember.
Does this apply to a low ranking stab??

I’m from China, if I were to decide to go home for a few weeks would I have to tell anyone? Surely no one’s interested in the movement of the likes of me?
Think russia is still on list .Went to dublin for a wedding didnt even think it was on the prescribed list opps :oops: .
I think Russia is. I was there quite recently (within the last 3 years) with the navy and we did have to take precautions with security. It can be dodgy security wise and deffo one that'd it would be wise to mention before you go. The only problem you have there is the crooked cops-they are really bad!
Russian beer is actually quite good! Shocker-so is the vodka.
And the women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So how does it work for STABS? Loads of people have SC clearance - if for some mad reason I decided to go to Israel/Iran tomorrow what would reprecusions TA wise be, who needs to know? Blokes from our unit get all over the place, Ireland included (I think family reasons though).
The only problem with Israel is if they stamp your passport. You won't be allowed into Oman, UAE, Bahrain, basically the whole of the Middle East.
Iran? Good question. Likewise, with stabs. Especially if your civvie job meant that you had to travel abroad a lot!
Everyone in the forces has SC .Its the basic security clearance. Its only when you have higher security clearances that you would run into difficulties with visiting other countries and this is subject to change.

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