Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Scotty1985, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. Its on nat geo now, channel 526 on Sky worth a watch
  2. agreed i thought it was good, also happy to see that currently the British army are getting a lot of air time with regards to documentaries etc, even if some of them are a bit soppy ;)
  3. Cheers just had to wrestle the sky remote from the mrs, fing xfactor
  4. Something starts tomorra on channel 4 too looks good, with me joining its all a seem to watch at the minute
  5. Google armadillo and have a watch, danish restrepo, i preferred it
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  6. Good documentary but personally preferred Armadillo myself.

    Re: Tommy's post. Good week on BBC4 with the Sandhurst programme, a studies of the Para regt and Tumbledown all on this week.

    Pity they didn't put anything on tonight so I wasn't in the spare room with the nappy and the xbox while X wanktor is on.
  7. am glad shes at work or ad be doing the same mate, a must admit a dont mind her watchin hollyoaks, wish a lived there
  8. Take this as banter and not the start of a row but are are you aware you type in a Glasgow accent? :)
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  9. lol no way am from Durham mate in the north east
  10. will do mate
  11. Read you post as its written in a sweaty accent mate. Made me chuckle.

    And I know were in the country Durham is you plum, I wasn't an officer.......;)
  12. Try finding Tip of the Spear on t'interwebs torrents.
    Shot at Restrepo by the guys who came in after those in the doc.
    Similarly intense, but an extended news segment rather than doc.
    Restrepo imo needs to be recut to include more of the MoH winner,
    and honour Hetherington since killed in Libya.

  13. I agree and I was saddened to learn of Tim Hetherington's death as were many in Southport.
  14. With you grammar I would guess your from ferry hill!!