Restrepo : outpost Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by London_native, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. I've just stuck it on Sky + record. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. It's on tonight:

    Documentary movie on 29th november 2100hrs on National Geographic channel.

    Just in case you had forgotten ;)
  3. Bollocks, forgot to Sky+ it when I was back at the old's for the weekend. Better make a call!
  4. If you miss it tonight, it's on again on Thursday and Sunday
  5. Many people watch this last night?

    Echoing Auld-Yin's review, it is well worth a watch if you didn't catch it.

    Compulsive viewing of life in a FOB/outpost. None of the camera in the face asking stupid question crap either.
  6. Apart from when the bloke holding the camera asked the troops "Whats it like here?", "Looking forward to going home?" etc you mean?
  7. Taped it but not watched it yet..
  8. perfectly shot - good camera work available if you cruise to the piratebay and enter restrepo I am watching part one now.
  9. You've got me there, I'll admit it.

    Meant more like the programs where they're constantly asking them pointless questions to the point where you can tell the blokes are getting many rounds per min is this rifle, whats the advantages of a tracked vehicle etc etc
  10. Yeah mate, I know what you mean. I enjoyed it to be fair.

    Mind you I did feel that Capt Kearney was a bit keen to leave his mark,hence building the OP, and his predecessor couldnt have been too pleased watching the film and hearing his name and tour mentioned so disparagingly.
  11. was that right what i heard on there last night, they do 15 month tours??..... if it was i shall never complain about doing 6 months again.
  12. 12-15 months.
  13. feck me thats a nightmare, but i really enjoyed watching it last night and the best thing was no annoying tv ads