Restored Faith

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blistering_Barnacles, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. I've just finished the most productive weekend since basic training. The DS were all well informed, as were all commanders, and things ran very smoothly. The weekend basically consisted of an exercise based around the protection of a local village from a group of insurgents. The scenario was realistic and the situations challenging, the feed back from the guys that had been on tour was extremely good.

    The only downside was the lack of attendance but from what I gather this is an ongoing problem.

    Here's to more weekends like this, it has certainly made me remember why I joined.


  2. Is this a post from 1994??
  3. Well I’ve just had the worst weekend since I’ve joined.

    All I did this weekend was cam up my Foden, sleep, and one 2hr stag. If I wanted to spend my time doing bugger all then I’d do it in front of the TV.
    To add insult in injury the sods didn’t feed us on Saturday morning or Sunday lunch time.

    Worst man management I have ever seen.
  4. Well I suppose I'll keep the good vibe rolling! Just got back from GAP1 at longmoor. Excellent weekend (even managed to get a suntan!) DS were excellent and their advice has seriously improved my shooting! I'm tempted to go again, just to get in a decent amount of range time.
  5. Goku,
    Thought you spanner monkey's only had cab covers for Fodens hardly call that camming up I'll gladly swap camming up my DROPS with your Foden :wink:
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I thought that was the aspirational goal for the soldier? Something to hide under, plenty of zzzz's and 2 hours work in 36.

  7. The duke: Don't be thick mate. He's complaining of doing too much work and not getting fed. He's still trying to get a reccemech belly :D
  8. I know what you mean :lol: I've also just been on one of the best weekends for a several years :!:

    Shock horro I had to do my job :!:

    but the NRPS and SPSI thought the complete opposite.
  9. I had a great weekend. It was 2 days called Saturday and Sunday. No different to the other 5 days of the week here, as the sand drifts across to perimeter road again. You may think you've had bad day or good days, we just do days ( and nights!!)
  10. No we cam the entire Foden, and I really hate it when I don’t have anything do and don’t get fed *grumble grumble*
  11. Sh1t! Get your whole chain of command to pm me with their secrets, now, BB.
  12. r u rifle vols by any chance if not then i just did the same weekend as u not a bad weekend at all
  13. Yup,

    Just went on the new RRV weekend and got some good stuff out of it. Anyone else go on the exercise??
  14. Yeah I am with the RV’s, glad to hear that you guys thought the weekend was worthwhile too. The weekend has been in the planning for a long time and it definitely showed. It was originally due to be just one company, however ended up being three due to attendance.

    Cuddles, why did you ask if the post is from 1994? Being a youngin I have no idea what things were like back than. I’m assuming they were better?
  15. Good to know you enjoyed it, lots of work in the background to prepare and run it but as you can see, more attendees makes a better exercise. The other new Coy will be running another in Sept (and also some of the camp in Cyprus) so should be even better as we will be integrated in to the swing of things by then.