Restored faith: - thank f**k for training!!

Just read the restored faith thread, and if that is the rifle vols wkend then yes it was a refreshing change!

Building on that though I just had an experience wherby my training with the TA potentially saved my life.

My car was attacked with me in it only a few hours ago (1435) by 3 chavs armed with planks of wood. I had come to a stop at a junction and the lead chav decided that he wanted to do me in, no words just walked up and twatted my window full on showering me with glass before then attempting to do in the others. I am 100% certain that had I not got the **** out of there instantly then there was a very real chance of me making the 10 o'clock news as another (dead?) happy slap type victim. It may sound like I am over reacting but the look on the lead chavs face was basically feral and he clearly had no restraint or capacity to actually think what he was doing, definatly different from someone who simply wanted to mug me or put his weight about - put it ths way, if I was on ops then odds are I would have shot him that was the level of the threat that I percieved!

In what probably was less then 1/10th of a second I floored it then found the nearest cover I could find so I could consilidate,call the police and try to catch the little shits before they legged it All of this was pure instinct rather then consious thought and it wasn't untill an hour later when I realised why I reacted the way I did - Anti -ambush drills. i.e. get out of the killing area ASAP, rally, then follow up by either attacking or withdrawing.

Again, I am 100% sure that had I not recieved that training then I would have lost vital milliseconds which would have changed the scenario entirally, and believe me I will never, ever doubt the reasoning behind doing something over and over again in training - it genuinly potentially saved my life just then, even thought that was not the actual purpose it was intended for.

Sorry for waffling on, am still in shock a bit!
Did the police get the little barstewards yet then
This the state of the country, it makes you question your faith in humanity. We need a Chavenkriegskommando to hunt them all down and kill them in the streets and then post their heads on spikes in local focal points to warn all the others off. You should have turned your motor around and run them all down 'Hostel' style, waste of skin.
sadly no,

drove around with them for 20mins and we looked at a nearby shops cctv but they had managed to leg it :( and because they didn't actually touch the car themselves - no forensics to link them later :( thankfully the only real damage was the window and a few dents to an already beat up car, but like I said it could have been a LOT worse
Next time, open the door and take him with you.

Next time i'll follow 307s advice and mow the little sh*its down! still picking glass out of my arm! found some in my ear too... might invest in some of that electric armour that they are looking at putting on our AFVs on my next car :)
Well done.

I have just the thing for you, mate. Click here.

If your unit aren't doing anything else this weekend, why not a night-time surge of the area where this event took place? Make sure you don't tell anyone "upstairs" you're about to do it, though, or they might find some silly reason to stop you.
Hope your recovering well G H. Shame there were three of them otherwise you could have wrapped the offending plank round his head. Well done on your quick thinking and reaction though.
I live in Hull which is full of little Chav sh1tes, the keep broking in to my car. My TA unit hates them so much that when the OC asked what we'd like to do in the future someone suggested a Chav hunt which was well recieved. Especially when a few months ago a postie had almost the same thing happen except they dragged him out of his car and set about him whilst hs wife and twin infant daughters watched on. What a bunch of heroes

It'd be an act of mercy hunting down and slaughtering the burberry capped, gold plated, parasitic oxygen thiefs.

As for the police IMHO I wouldn't trust them to catch herpes in a brothel let alone a bunch chav with the collective IQ of a dart board.

You have my sympathies and GOOD DRILLS.
Was that because he was late with their giro's? 8O
In all seriousness thought, i hope he and his family made a swift recovery.
Cheers guys, finally got all the little shards off me at least I think I have!! thankfully nothing more then a few scratch marks now!

When I mentioned where it happened to my unit they burst out laughing, apparently the area is affectionaly known as beirut on a bad day!! Anyone reckon that we could add chav control as part of our mission statement? ;) Dads army has shown us how to produce cheap but nasty weapons so we don't have to waste money on ammo :)

Would loved to have said I turned round and did a Rambo moment on them with my steering wheel lock (great ASP type action on it!! :) ) but even if I did beat the shiite out of them Id still be left with a written off car which isn't worth claiming for, and probably end up on some assault charge (would like to at least have manslaughter if anything!!!) myself. At least the only real damage was £25 for the window, not worth fixing the dents.
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