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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Ben_surfsup, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Hidey Ho!

    I own, and love my pair of Lowa Patrol boots, (the non goretex ones)

    I have been a bit of an idiot, got them cheap, so have been running them into the ground, not polishing etc.

    I want to give them a "service" as you could say, ensure all the leather is restored (its getting a little dry on the lip etc) as much as it can be, polish them up, etc.

    Can anyone recommend products or methods they would use if they were going to give some boots some tlc?

    Cheers in advance :)

  2. I repair tears in mine with PVA, then polish over. Works fine for me.
    Try emailing Lowa to ask?
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Leather loses oil over time. One thing you can do is rub it with warm olive oil. Don't do this to furniture but boots are okay. If it gets too oily then clean with babywipes or a cloth with some detergent.

    This will never turn them into parade boots but will improve the leather.
  4. Maybe good enough for a cadet, but not good enough if he wants to wear them for propper soldiering.
  5. Go to a horsey shop - you never know you may meet a horsey gal whilst you are there - but on the boot repair front buy either some HIDE FOOD or NEATS FOOT OIL. They use these to maintain saddles and bridle leather and they both work well on boots too, told to me eons ago by a Major in JHQ who was also a qualified saddler.

    Also, get yerself some new insoles - the air circulaion ones, they make all the difference.
  6. Perfect Ta! luckily, living in Cornwall, there are lots of horsey shops! so will pop in today, unfortunately though with the standard of girls in Cornwall, you'd rather date her horse!

    and are these the insoles you mean? Genuine LOWA Climate Control Insoles - All Sizes | eBay

    Many thanks, again, tis appreciated!
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  7. Try waterproof "Dubbin" (if you can still get it!) Worked wonders on leather rugby/football boots, which certainly gives my age away.
  8. I have always been a fond believer in Nickwax on my exercise boots, again if you use that stuff your boots won't do so well on the old parade square
  9. I use saddle soap first, cleans the leather very well then apply a good covering of nickwax. Job Jobbed.
  10. Another vote for Neats Foot Oil. Gleaming stuff.
  11. True, obviously I don't wear them for parades. And never had any make tears.

    My friend uses a Lows cream on his from RVops instead of polishing (this is what Lowa recommend) and he doesn't get the problem and he doesn't get the problem with the grey scuffing on the toe caps after repeated use but it also maintains waterproofness and breath ability, nickwax is also a popular option.

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  12. Yes, those are the insoles.

    As someone mentioned clean the leather first using saddle soap or similar. Leather like skin has pores and grub gets into the pores. Then when you apply the leather treatment afterwards do it twice. Before the first application give each boot a wipe over with with a damp cloth, only damp not wringing wet, this will make the leather moist and open up the pores allowing some leather treatment deeper into the pores. The second application just apply direct to the leather no pfaffing.

    I have a mate who is a Boxhead mountain troop Hauptmann (Captain) and he trots around in a pair of 10 year old Lowa that have been resoled a couple of times but the leather is still excellent. Even with a bit of care an abused pair of Lowa will last.

    As for horsey gals, well my experience is that if they are a bit of a "paperbag job" they tend to compensate by performing a little more.
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  13. It's still available, black dubbin is better; hides the scrapes.