Reference Image Restoration of Steam Cutter SC26 (of HMS Falmouth Battle of Jutland 1916)

Here is a Boat under restoration at portsmouth Historic Dockyard Boathouse 4.

the boat was ordered in 1910 and delivered to the Royal Navy the following year, she was assigned to HMS Falmouth and during a close action at the battle of Jutland The Falmouth was struck by a Torpedo on three separate attacks, The crew were ordered to abandon ship and SC26 towed the lifeboats to safety.

Volunteers are actively encouraged to get involved with hands on restoration work, here two volunteers fit port bow new planks.

The boat was left by it's private owner on it's Port side, unaware of the boat's part in history, as such the port side has suffered rot damage, the Port side was bent inward,

this is the area I was working on today, removing the boat nail heads and knocking them through with a drift, the x mark notes a condemned plank.
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so here are the missing images

the domed headed boat nails have to be drilled off to allow the condemned
plank to be replaced with new timber. The bloke who fitted that nail in 1910 is long passed, bet he would be astonished to learn that a boat only built to last 20 years is still with us
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X marks a condemned plank marked by the shipwright, Rotted out and being released for renewaL, But that means a volunteer has to drill out every rivet head and knock through the nail out the other side, with someone holding the outer timber so it doesn't splinter the wood.
Wonderful stuff. I was kicking around the south coast when Phil Clabburn was restoring HSL102.

Not sure what your funding arrangements look like but in terms of recognition and financial assistance this set up is excellent

the area of the Stern I was de nailing, left of frame you can just make out the hole for the propeller shaft.

below, P45, 45th internal skin plank from the bow, marked for removal, here I've drilled out and punched through some of the nails holding it in place, viewed on the port side looking toward the Bow.
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the rivet heads are domed, so the drill bit kept skidding off and digging into the condemned board, not a worry as it's going anyway, but as I drilled off more I got better at it, Centre punch deeper and drill slowly to begin was the better technique.
Which stage of the refit will you choose for the scale diorama you're going to do when you're finished with the real job.

packed up and cleaned down our work area, , the volunteers return the loaned tools to the store. I'm not able to give many days as a volunteer as I work full time, but I will update this thread with continued progress shots of how she is progressing. And If you're in Portsmouth, drop by Boathouse four, there's a great viewing gallery you can see all the boats. No charge to walk around it.
Boathouse 4 Exhibition, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Hampshire
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