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Resting Heart Rate

Mine is 54, apparently the average is 80 and fitter people should be around 60 and 50 if you're in good condition.

That's beats per minute by the way. I got some Special Forces Endurance book thing for christmas lol and decided to take a look.

What's yours? You can check it for 10 seconds and times it by 6
Between 48 and 54 generally. Lowest I have recorded was 46 and highest 63. (Yes I do keep a log.. pass no judgement please).

I have heard that some nut case elite cyclists and swimmers have resting heart rates in the 30s.

Mines 60 but a mate, who also does long distance running is 34! During a recent fitness test on the machine scale the machine ran out of levels before he reached 70% max BPM for his age!
christheclimber said:
lance armstrong recorded like 27 bpm resting, so that makes everyone here look like fat old men with a heart condition.
That is really crazy his fitness must be rediculously good (well, we know it is..) its strange to think that his heart only beats once every two seconds or so.



Book Reviewer
Forks said:
Mine was around 60, but it started to speed up and my wrist started hurting after 20 seconds so maybe I did it wrong.
Don't worry. It's normal for your heart rate to increase when you're around me.

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