Resting heart rate??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by futuresparky, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. i know the fitter you are the lower your resting heart rate should be
    but does anyone know numbers
    e.g if you have say 80 resting its good or if you have 70 its execellent
    so can someone help me please??
  2. Obviously the lower the better, but 60 is good.
  3. umm would imagine its much lower than that my resting heart rate is 46 bpm, but I would imagine your age has a bearing on this too, if its 80 your most likely a bit of a biff
  4. Some top athletes have resting rates of under 40 bpm.

    70-80 is your average I believe.
  5. that was only an example
    and whats a biff??
  6. Indurian, cyclist from early 90's ish (I think) had the lowest resting heart rate recorded about 34 or something ridiculous, cyclists CV fitness is just unreal
  7. Miguel Indurain's was 28, low thirties is average for a professional cyclist.
  8. Get yourself a heart rate monitor, great for running etc.
  9. Put yourself in suspended animation, that will get your heart rate right down!
  10. Mine used to be 36 bpm, but it was a looooong time ago.

    I had an operation under a general anasthetic in an NHS hospital after an injury & woke up in the intensive care unit. They'd never had a patient with a similar heart rate and so stuck me in with the critically ill to be on the safe side.
  11. As someone said above, 65-75 is probably average for most young men. 60 or lower is good; very fit people (especially cyclists and free divers, who both need large stroke volumes) have very low resting rates.

  12. I had a lad collapse on me and when the ambulance arrived the paramedics hooked him up to the machines and his bpm was around 28. I looks at paramedic and raises an eyebrow and he says ' 28 bpm can be quite normal' I says 'not on a 16 stone 20 a day smoker with a drink problem mate'. He agreed. :D
  13. I understand 40-50 is along the lines of marathon runner fitness, will have to mesuare mine one day.
  14. I'm 69 and my rate is 60BPM and fit I'm not.
  15. I didn't mean to suggest the reverse is true: Just because you have a low resting rate doesn't mean you are fit.

    For example, you might just be on beta-blockers / digoxin / need a pacemaker to keep you alive and it happens to be set at 60.

    All chickens are birds, not all birds are chickens. Pretty much every very fit person has a low heart rate. Not everyone with a low heart rate is fit - it's zero when you are dead, FFS.