Restaurants you wouldnt even puke in

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. I'm tired and possibly emotional, so I'll leave this one up to my betters. Off you go....

    Oh ballacks, I suppose I'd better'd kick it off. Not the worst, but an unforgettable one was the only (at that time anyway) Indian in Aberwristwatch. Guaranteed after hours booze if you bought a meal and scene of much mayhem, like this. My pal Rowis, ex-foreign legion, bless him, before the magistrates. "So why did you punch 3 people, run across several tables and jump through a plateglass window?" " Because it seemed like a good idea at the time considering what was going on."
  2. Of late... Anywhere you seem to have been...
  3. Try the Wong Kei.

    You don't even have time to eat in it, so I guess it's a clean sheet everytime.

    'Good evening, could I have a table for six?'.

    'Ok, two upstair, two down stair and two in rady chamber'.
  4. Trigger, aren't you meant to start a thread like this with an example?

    Or are you begging for this to get holed?
  5. The Meng Fang in Kuala Belait Brunei.


    Last time I did, and ended up with an arrsehole like a Japanese flag.
  6. And the whole orange coloured duck hanging in the window by hooks. Has anyone ever eaten a similar specimen on the plate in any restaurant?.
  7. Not bad, but worth a mention. Nyala, Sudan. Completely wrong time of day - mid-afternoon- to be asking for food, but needs must. What have you got? Tomatoes, onions and eggs. Hmmm. Okay, can you do me an omelette? Wassat? Well, you chop up the onion like this, then you chop up the tomato, and then you chuck in the eggs and fry it up. Your wish is my command, sort of. 20 minutes later my platter arrived. A plain egg omelette on top of some chopped-up onions and tomatoes. I really was quite grateful!
  8. Cannot remember its name but it is a rather posh one in Pristina.

    Howver, it is part of the building we used as accommodation from 99 for a few years.

    The basement used to be a resturant but I used it as storeage. I use to keep autopsy tables and lots of other contaminated equipmet from the mass grave sites in it between digging seasons.

    Last time I looked it was one of the better class places in Pistina these days. I have been told the food is quite good, but I never eat there
  9. Any of the Happy Eater chain. (never trust anywhere that has a sign of smiling face putting two fingers down it's throat)
  10. That’s supposed to be the charm of the place, “You no like you Fcuk off!” :D

    The first time I went there it was for a leaving do. They did start on us. The guy who was leaving had served in Hong Kong Police and shouted something back in Cantonese, (probably, “Sergeant shoot the coolie!”), and then we sat where we liked and were well looked after then on.
  11. McDonalds. Anywhere.
  12. ANy motorway sevice station. mmmmm school dinners, yum yum.

  13. [​IMG]

    Little Thief?

  14. Fatherless.

    You beat me to it.
  15. too bloody obvious anyway whats wrong with a double sausage and egg mcmuffin and coffe that aint that bad, i can eat one without gagging