Restaurants of Versailles

Fortune in the form of gainful employ has me travelling to Versailles on a regular basis. Like all good agents used to operating solo in a hostile, well French, operational environment I choose to go deep cover and get off the beaten Anglo/German tourist track ASAP!

A by-product of my trips here is a growing database of where to go and where to say "No". It seems only fair to share this intelligence with you all...

Where to go
Le Baladin de St Louis - very nice bistro with a mixture of traditional and modern dishes. Typically French but in a light touch...unlike

Le Chien qui fume - very art deco in style and very bourgeois in cuisine. you won't get up hungry here but you may need help to rise from your place. Atmospheric.

Le boeuf a la mode - like stepping into the 1930s. Take a book by Alan Furst! Eat beef ribs...a carnivore's paradise. Sales directors eat here, enough said! A stone's throw from Le chien qui fume in the Market district.

Au chapeau gris - brasserie/bistro style for tourists on a budget but pleasant enough

Say no!
Le Limousin (rue de Satory) - looks the part but I was practically given a pint mug of oil and a pile of soggy potatoes to wash down my badly burnt confit de canard. 40 Euro of sh1te. Shame it seems to have character etc. Maybe I should have had the lamb off the joint?

That fcuking pizza place opposite the RER

That fcuking Mexican place next to the bus station - why oh why do I let 23 year olds who have never been out of Cardiff tell me this sort of place is any good and go with them??

I also advise against eatinbg in the hotel Pullman. The food isn't bad as such just overpriced. Head out into the Cathedral area or the Market area (rue de Marechal Foch/rue de Paroisse/rue Duclis) and follow your instincts. As a rule if it looks touristy - it probably is.

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