Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. It's looking more than likely that I'm going to be on a search course in a few months, to then later deploy as apart of a 6 man REST Team.

    Details are few and far between now, however, I know there are some EOD bods on here that could give me a bit more of a heads up? Or if anyone has done REST, before.

    Cheers! :)
  2. you don't have to have served with EOD to have been in a REST.
  3. 6 week course, followed by a howling pre-deployment drag, then an even more howling tour.

    On the plus side you'll never ever forget it, you will do and see more than the average joe...

    Make sure that you and your team start on the phys now, common weights for REST are 150lb plus. The fitter you are the longer you can maintain concentration, the more concentration the more chance of getting through without a scratch.

    Good luck, things are a little "cheeky" at the moment.
  4. What elderly cracker said. Plus, learn your job well and always remember your training. You will get very, very good training, so dont forget it.
  5. As they all said. It will be a very intensive course. Lots of things to learn. Loads of times to put it into practice and get things wrong.
    I was an instr for 6 yrs there. I know the pain you'll be going through. But it will be worth it in the end. And you will see more than anyone else.
  6. What dates ? I was LR/HR/RESSET Instructor in the late 90's
  7. I was LR, TTC, LR, TTC, then Police desk. Helped out on HR when they became strapped.
    99-05. A brill 6 yrs. Left to go to 3 AES.

    Names that were memorable, Swanson,Finch,Reddick,Curly,Marsh and a few others.
  8. 95-97 - Current SMI and i were Full Screws ......
  9. Who is current SMI? PM if you feel it's better that way.