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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. To any PTI arrsers out there:

    what would be recomended as a good rest period in relation to training frequency?
    - is there any point in training a muscle daily for e.g bicep curls (bicep) without rest?
    - is it in fact a good idea to train daily?
    - will using heavy weight, increase muscle definition or just size?

    the reason i ask is that i have been lifting weights recently on a regular basis and resting muscle groups every other day with little improvement.
    where as my training partner has made more visible improvements (muscular size and vasculinity) im not sure whether this is due to using lighter weight over longer periods of time on top of the gym sessions or not.

    any advice would be much appreciated
  2. If you want to increase size then low reps of a heavy wieght for tone got for high reps of a low wieight.
    In regard to rest: all gains happen during your rest periods so if you dont rest then you can overtrain which can lead to injury and reduced performance.

    Check out cracking website for hints tips etc

  3. Hello Armed & Dangerous. Seems like you have a grasp of how it all works so with a little guidance you will be back on track. I am not an expert in this field (though I know enough to use weight training for cross-training), but I do know that rest is vitally important. When I used to train for Ultra-Distance running events (100km) endurance was they key so 3 runs a day was not uncomman. The legs (that carry us up, down steps every day, and everywhere we go all our lives) can comfortably be worked hard in this way so an easy 30 minute jog between hard training days can constitute a rest. The upper body muscles cannot be worked the same and require complete reat, even 2-3 days depending on intensity. So I doubt if say training a bicep on consecutive days is wise unless you are a bodybuilder nearing competition who is aiming for some serious 'cuts' (And maybe even a bodybuilder would say I'm wrong, then fair enough).

    The chap above suggested a certain website, seems like a good idea.
  4. cheers downes