REST IN PEACE - British Forces In Iraq Remembered

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RFUK, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. I previously had the link to this video in another thread but as it seems to have been deleted, I thought I'd place it here. Apologies if this isn't the right place for it, or if it's been posted elsewhere.

    Rest in peace lads.
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Thanks for the link.
    Rest in Peace brave ones.
  3. RFUK,

    Good post. Very fitting to the memory of those who lost their lives doing their job. Its a shame that it is not widely viewed by many on TV. The news reports of a soldier killed in action then moves straight on to a big story about something pointless like a lost dog.

    When we think of courage I think we should remember that every soldier that gets on that plane with their comrades is showing the courage that makes our lads great.

    RIP to those who never returned but also well done to those who went and returned. Everyone of those people who done their job I believe are real heroe's and showed the world and are fellow civis real courage just for walking up those 25 steps to the VC10.

  4. Not once have I seen anything like this broadcast on British television...
  5. A poignant tribute - should be shown on TV every night

    RIP guys
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Mods,anychance of making this a sticky so it does'nt get lost,or adding it to a Relevent thread?
  7. Gone but never forgotten.

    RIP lads.
  8. I think there should be more replies to this post as it is very fitting. It fills me with pride when you can offer your respects to the soldiers who lost their lives then carry on with the job. It shows respect, pride and courage above and beyond some people in this society.

    Good luck to all who are currently on tour or about to go. Safe journey home lads.

    RIP for those who don't

  9. I now have tears running down my face...

    Only last week Mum told me that I take these deaths too personally, but sod it, if just one person other than their family and friends gives a damn that they lived and died in the service of their country it's something. As a nation it's embarrassing that we'll give voice to ridiculous things such as protests to free fictional characters of soaps from prison and we'll discuss how terrible it is that character X died or character Y's baby has been born with Down's Syndrome, yet we aren't vocal about the emotions evoked by real events and real personal tragedy.

    I don't think that it should be shown every night - it would soon lose impact - but maybe a Roll of Honour should be run when (God forbid) news breaks of deaths in service. When people merely hear numbers they don't visualise what that means. Seeing the names scrolling at the end of that brought home how many brave souls have died out there.

    Rest In Peace, every one. You will be remembered.
  10. A wonderful tribute , thank you for the link . Lets hope the video doesnt become out of date
  11. I second that.

  12. I hope this video helps to bring it home to the public what those lads and girls out there are facing and how much of a sacrifice some people have made in their name. Let's try and get it maximum exposure...

    Again, rest in peace.

    ** (edited for families sake)
  13. Excellent but immensly saddening film. You never realise just how many we've lost until you see a video like that.
    RIP all of them.
    I'm more than happy to add my name to those wanting a role of honour played at the end of the news.
  14. This should be part of a tribute programme on TV during prime viewing time. All stations should show it at the same time. 30 very important minutes that would be a sobering lesson to everyone and a mark of gratitude.

    Regardless of peoples' view of should or shouldn't we be there... the fact is that Officers and Soldiers do not question their orders and are giving their lives in their duty. That makes them very, very special people.

  15. It would be nice to see just a simple recognition of the sacrafice that's being made, other than the cold factual reporting.