Rest days

Hello chaps, the "get fit for the army" poster thingy I have up on my wall and all the leaflets say you should have a rest day in between training days. As does a number of other fitness plans I have seen about.
My question being, should I be resting every second day? It seems abit soft and you dont get a rest day in between beastings during phase 1 do you?

I just thought it might be abit of a shock to my system if I go from resting every second day to getting beasted everyday in phase 1.

thoughts and advice please
I never take a rest day, because i've been training for a few years.

Only take a rest day if you are to be tested in the next few weeks to avoid injury, or take rest days if you are just starting out.
but i use to do the trainin on the poster aswell its still on my wall but wht u said its abit easy so i do my own routine.
but i think its their if ur not tht fit ,to get people started off gradually .
if its to easy for ya make it harder.

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