Rest Days before board

Hey I have board Thursday, I was going to do a pretty hard sesh today - circuits, sprints, try and do some pull ups etc, then maybe a run.

Should I leave it after that?
Rest days monday, tuesday, wednesday...apart from maybe a few easy runs so I'm not getting withdrawl lol?

I think you've got the right idea - there's nothing for you to gain by thrashing yourself around for the few days before Board.


I'm on Mainboard soon myself. No reason why you can't train up until a couple days before the big day!
How's your mile and a half? How are your situps/pressups?

I'm this thurs too. Over the past two weeks I've really cut the gym work and upped the cardio, I went to the gym last night and feel the pain of not going in a while!! Definitely do a run today (short and fast), maybe a nice swim tomorrow to loosen up. Then CHILL.
Hey guys,

I went to Main Board last week and had my last big gym session on the Sat and then rested for the Sun and Mon for MB on Tue and that worked well for me. Just make sure you can comfortably do the required press-ups and sit-ups in two minutes because it was shocking to see the amount of people who struggled and in some cases didn't meet the requirements on the day.

If you can time two mins and do them now then with the adrenaline pumping and it being the first thing you do after being sat on a train/in car for hours that morning you will be fine. Remember that they do take note on how quickly you do complete them too.

I was told there was no point doing any phyical training in the couple of days before because you won't gain any significant improvements..just instead run the risk of tiring your muscles out before you've even arrived at Westbury!

Good luck and enjoy AOSB it's actually really good fun! Hope this helps.

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