Ressettlement centre, Aldershot

Regards courses, can I pay for courses out of my own pocket as a civilian.

I seem to remeber there were some good courses that I just didnt have the time to do.

I am doing the CP course in November in Aldershot at the resettlement centre. I would also like to do the securtiy consultants course when I get out and I asked if I could do it at Aldershot. They told me that when I was out to contract the training provider direct which in this case is Anubis Associates.

The CTP contract companies in to deliver the training so find out what course you want to do the see which company delivers it and go direct. It might cost more if you go to them direct but at least you get to do it. You could try ringing up the CTP and asking if they would let you do it at the centre. If this is the case let me know because I will chase them for the security consultants course when I am out. :D
Stamp 365...

Was looking at the consultants course as well, or the security management course was what I was looking at when I got out.

Dont necessarily wanna go down the CP route, more ops room/cctv/security management.

Just started a job as security controller for a cash management depot in Leeds, and am looking to start getting courses under my belt so I can take the security managers job off him!lol
I am going to contact Anubis direct next week and get some advise from them as to what they suggest about the consultants course. I have looked around and I dont think there is much at this level for other courses. I dont want to go to university to get a degree but I think you get a level 5 Higer Education qualification with the Anubis security consultants course.

I will let you know how I get on when I have spoke to them.
I spoke to Anubis today that were very helpful and explained all about the Security Consultants course which is called the CSC course. They were not 100% about what the ruling was about doing the course at CTP once you were out but said to contact CTP them direct on that issue. I now have the option to do this course in the next year or so with Anubis direct. They said it can be done at your own pace to suit work commitments as well becuase some of it is distance learning.
Sorry for being off-line for a while no internet access. I will be looking to do the CSC course within a year of leaving after my CP course I have been informed that it is recgonised by the major security companies and some of the even recruit for Security Consultants at the end of the course.
Guys you can go on courses at the RTC up to 2 years on leaving the forces, not sure if that covers ALL of the courses there as some are contract funded whereas others are not but as you can receive help from a CTP Consultant up to two years also it may be the same deal.
Give Trisha the receptionist there a bell.
Hope this helps.
DeeMee(A) is not quite correct about being able to attend courses at RTC after you have left.

The DS answer is you are entitled to apply on a FILL-UP basis , which means you won't get on a popular course unless you offer to attend at very short notice ie a phone call on the first day of the course if there is a no show. Priority for a place will ALWAYS go to a Service Leaver.

You pay £15 a day for a contract funded course and the full amount for non-contract funded courses and you have to pay your own T&S

There is a rumour around that everyone can delay taking their resettlement training for up to 2 yrs after ROD. WRONG!! :eek:
I got told on behalf of one of my soldiers recently, that he should ensure that his details were held correctly at the resettlement centre, as he would be entitled to resettlement advice and assistance for some time after discharge (I think they said 2 years).

Presumably if there are spaces on the courses and you pay your own way then they'll let you. I guess it depends how long you've been out for.
I know a few lads who have obtained work in the CP industry, the big one for getting employment is to go to the right provider. I have booked onto the November CP course at Aldershot because it is run by Anubis. After looking into this company in more detail I have found a lot of people they have trained have gained employment. They also have several companies that recruit direct from the course such as Armor Group for one. Have a look at them