Ressetlemet Budget

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. How long has the Ressetlement budget been £580? For 22 years service this is pants.

    School leavers are enticed to study at college with a £30 a week tax free state handout which over a 30 week term adds up to £900.

    So why the fcuk do we only get £580 for 22 years service?

    I know that when your times up that the army couldn't give a monkeys for you anymore, but surely this needs a serious review..
  2. It has been reviewed and the good news is it is going up to £1060. Don't get too excited though, there are also a number of changes that could actually make the current £534 like a kings ransom

    Your unit resettlement clerk should have all the gory details
  3. Yes, it's going up but so are the course fees :( I dare bet you'll not be much better of after the increase.
  4. I'm afraid you are spot on, many will lose out big time. If you are thinking of jumping now because you have served 5 and a half years and you will get the full resettlement package.

    Stop, you will now need to serve 6 years before you get anything, that's just for starters :x

    The whole new package smells of brown stuff, there may be some stuff embedded in there that i haven't read yet!!

  5. Never, its been £534 since 1990.

    has it? Its been reviewed but its nowhere near going to happen just yet nor has any time frame been given.

    the CTP course fees have already gone up and come into force 01 Apr 08, regardless of the IRTC.

    As for needing to have done six years to qualify for the full resettlement package, its been that way since Sept 2002, if you have done between four and six youll get the Employment Support Programme.
  6. Filbert, i bow to your superior knowedge. It would help if i read the whole thing before posting on here!!! :oops:
  7. always a pleasure
  8. spoke to my iero today and as yet this is not confirmed at all, DETSA are still working on this one, theres a suprise NOT :?
  9. So far, only the way IRTC itself is claimed has changed (now via the monthly pay run and not on JPA). Got the allowances last week (via JPA), but the IRTC's not due until payday.

    It was a mare to sort out though. Couldn't have done it without the help of a star of a RAOWO!
  10. ted69 is cheating! He has asked the people who know! His submission should have been blocked for being sensible!!