Responsibilty of the instructors

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Sammymantha, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. What is the position of the instructors with regard to the cadets in their care? Are the intructors responsible for the safety of the cadets while at a meeting?

    Recently a knife was pulled on another cadet while on cadet premises during a meeting. The instructors did nothing and told the cadet who had the knife pointed at him to "just forget it."

    Surely the instructors have a duty to protect the children while they are at the meetings and the police should have been called/said cadet kicked out.
  2. Speak to your CEO.
  3. What kind of Cadets do you attend?!
  4. I dont attend, my brother was the kid who had the knife pulled on him.

    edited to add the kid that had the knife is 13
  5. your borther needs to speak to his detachment commander if he is not happy with the response that he received.

    as we dont know the whole ins and outs as werent there - cant really comment, but it is up to him to speack to the next rank (DC) when unsatisfied with action that has been taken.

    If it happened at my detachment and the victim had nothing to do with it - ie unprovoked, then item would be confiscated from the other child, parents called and if it was a proble child the the goup/copunty commander woul dbe notified. Would also be recorded int he incident log book - but again - all depends on the situation.
  6. my brother kicked the lads arse as he was bent over as a joke as kids do. Sorry no matter what my brother did, NOTHING warrants having a knife pulled on you.
  7. I would have hoofed the little scroat out of the door and then never let him back.
    Mind you I stopped helping at cadets when the OC complained when I gave them an exercise in Cam and con and weapon drills on a carl gustav (it wasnt a real one FFS!)
    he said it was "too military"????!
    Get your brother to speak to the commander.
    (perhaps they could arrange for the police to stop and search the lad next time he comes out after a drill night. Afetr all there is plenty of evidence to suspect a crime)
  8. So you thought that the web is the correct place for this to be resolved because ?

    If your brother is not happy then he needs to see his DC if he is still not happy then his parents/guardian needs to contact either the company commander or the CEO.

    On a side note which ACF county is in question ?
  9. All of the lads that were there all witnessed it, they all told my brother that he had a knife, the other cadets knew he had a knife. The police have been told but in there words "halloween is a busy night we'll be round tomorrow" so we wait and see from the police view.

    But sorry the lack of action from the instructors has damaged the view of the cadets and i thinks its sad as most of you im sure would not stand for this criminal act from any of the cadets.
  10. im not trying to resolve it on the web.

    Just trying to see if every instructor would have ignored the fact a cadet was carrying a weapon. Or sadly in this case the instructors should have acted, even if it was just calling the police from another room so not to place themselves in danger.
  11. when you say he had a knife pulled on him... what kind of knife, i realise that legislation says knifes can't be carried by under 16's (or something to that effect)

    however some of the cadets at my unit have leatherman's/gerber multi tools which have a knife blade on them, is this what was pulled on him? or some sort of big rambo survival knife?

    i don't make a big deal out of cadets carrying multitools as i don't see them being a problem, however if this is more than just kids messing about then the CEO should have been informed, as the police will no doubt contact him/her after they've been to see you!
  12. Do you know for certain that the adults were informed ?

    Who contacted the police and does the ACF know that they have been involved ?

    I doubt that any adult would completly ignore this but based on the information as it stands it seems that they may have done. Again the parent/gaurdian need to contact the DC and if no joy then the CEO.

    Having said that it seems odd to me that the sister of a cadet doesnt need to have terms such as CEO or DC explained to her.
  13. I am well aware that the army/cadets use multitools as part of the training etc. My other brother was convicted on having an offensive weapon when his army multitool was accidently left in his car when he returned home on leave, he was stopped and searched by the police and they still convicted him with army statements saying it was a legitimate tool.

    By all accounts this kid got the "knife" (if it was a multitool it would be described as such) out of his bag for the perpose of thretening and intimidating my brother.
  14. Sammy, track down the miscreant and pull your chin on him whilst screaming "good game, good game"

    One look at that monstrosity should have the kisd running for his life.

    No need for thanks. Just pleased I could help.
  15. My brother is military, I am an aspiring military and my brother as stated is in cadets. I do not know the exact ways of contacting the said people but my brothers would.