Responsibilty of Elements of pay?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hullboy, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know exactly whose responsibility it really is to input these. I called JPA the other day over a pay query to find that my pay level, salary rate, tax code and bank details had dissappeared! I was able to put get my bank details put back onto the system but was told my elements was to be done by MCM. I rang these and they transferred my call to JPA, and vice versa several times. Each dept blaming the other. It was someone at JPA who deleted these (confirmed to me on phone) so how can it not be these that then put it back on? After no pay since end of March, I am less than impressed with this JPA cr*p, and have been informed that if i dont get this situation rectified by COP Mon i will have missed the payroll, which will be yet another month! Is there any Chief Clerks out there or anyone with any knowledge who can advise?
  2. Whilst I sympathise, the only people who can sort this are in your unit. Talk to your Chief Clerk. He/she will also be able to pay you over the counter to tide you over. I believe this is an MCM Div issue because only they can set up the account that will pay you, eventually!

  3. Get your Unit HR to raise an I Support to the JPA Back Office, they are now remited to deal with your query until a satisfactory answer is given and not to refer it back to Unit HR, in the meantime, get an advance on an MOD F 300 as oposed to an EPIC (these have to be cleared within 30 days, the MOD F 300 can be held onto until you have a result).

    Good luck

  4. Thanks for replies, I will try catch my CC before he deploys.