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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tigger_c/s_30, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. Vespa, sorry to hear about your disability, but I fail to recall where I have insulted your physical capabilities, only your mental ones, and as the saying goes if the cap fits! you are very touchy arnt you .

    If you really want to bring it on go for it , t*sser you will lose I assure you, in response to your vast experience with people military ( the real military I mean) you are right, but again you jump to assumptions, I am one of those that respect and admire the work done by most ACF instructors, I actually ran your training team for a year, 27 CTT out of Dayesbrook Barracks and thoroughly enjoyed it.For the most part my time and effort was very well spent ,except for the few times I had to send some adult instructors home because there whole attitude to training week ends was to stick the kids in an OP(observation post, in case that confused you 8O ) and then go on the piss, now I dont know if you have ever done this, but your "THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE" OF ALL THINGS MILITARY and your opinions on how SGTS messes should operate make me wonder.
    Personally I dont give a flying f*ck if a jumped up wannabee tw*t like you with all the excuses why he cant be a soldier likes me or not, nor do I have to justify my military career to you or anyone , especially you who wouldnt understand half of what I told you if I so desired to do.
    My advice to you Vespa is ask sensible questions, listen and learn maybe able to pass on something usefull to those kids your in charge of, but stop trying to make informed comments on subjects you know f*ck all about.
    I leave it there, if you want to carry this on please do, I welcome the challenge (I use the word challenge loosely, dont get excited).

    ps...if this wasnt loud enough I will resend it in capitals(....a joke Vespa dont take it to heart) F8ck off and think of something sensible to say.
  2. where did this kick off?
  3. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    TC/S30 Interesting these posts between Vespa and yourself. It would appear that you are not applying your own signature block "When your enemy ....etc" Or perhaps it you who should take that on board. :lol: I hope that you both enjoy your weekend of angst and by Monday will have joined (or re-joined) the grown up world. :twisted:

    By the way I have done regular, TA and ACF Instructor in that order so have seen most sides.
  4. not biting, i have a life outside of this forum 8)
  5. maybe you should go for moderator, im sure arrse needs somebody like you
  6. Nothing fresh to add hey Vespa, as I said I used the word "challenge" loosely,so I will except your offer to "agree to disagree" because this is so futile when there is so little resistence,have a great life and dont be getting lost around Altcar ranges now, I know how difficult it can be around there!!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys, listen, yeve never met or are likely to, why get so worked up?? :?

    Chill :p

  8. :lol:
  9. dude, get some bongos!
  10. Guys this is just an online forum, calm down 8)
  11. Did I miss the bitch fight, how can I stoke it up again :D

    Vespa, Tigger just said you were a cnut

    Tigger, Vespa just said you were a soft lad and that he was going to pan fcuk out of you

    (And don't listen to the Manc copper, he knows fcuk all) :D :D
  12. Can i pull up a chair and watch with some popcorn :lol: :twisted:
  13. Makin some now Tia, butter or caramel? :lol:
  14. MDN, i challenge you to a duel - pick your weapon and defend yourself :D

    1. [​IMG] 2. [​IMG] 3. [​IMG]

  15. Well from where I'm sitting tigger's got it so far...... and it wouldn't be a point's decision. Come on Vespa, you'll have to do better than that.

    BOX!!!!! :wink: