Response team consultant, canary wharf, london, salary: £22,000 + benefits

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Shortty71, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. A leading Financial Services related organisation are looking for a number of Response Team Consultants to join a new team based in London Docklands.
    Your role will be to help resolve disputes between customers and financial service organisations, manage case loads and where necessary escalate to senior investigators.
    Applicants must be able to demonstrate excellent customer service skills, be strong a communicator and have a polite, professional and patient manner.

    Candidates with previous knowledge of the financial services and/or customer services are highly desirable however this is not essential as all successful applicants will run through a full training package prior to engagement.

    This post requires all candidates to work a rotational shift pattern of 35/40 hours – Shift 8 am till 8 pm including some Saturdays.

    For further details contact Paul Shortt 0203 021 3992 or email
  2. Work in London for 22 grand - piss off!
  3. Try and be respectful you idiot
  4. BITE!
  5. I agree, that is not the best pay for 40 hour week, unless there is a package involved.
  6. OK Shorty, try this.

    I live on a direct train line to london, approximately 30 minute commute before entering the underground system. If I considered your job offer at £22000, I would end up working for next to nothing by the time I had taken travel (or lodgings) into consideration. What is the chance of someone with salary expectations as low as £22000 being able to afford to live closer to London than I do and being capable of fulfilling your job brief?

    If the same job at that rate was offered outside London, it might make sense.
  7. I'm sure you will appreciate there are ex servicemen and women who live in London and are looking for an opportunity to get there foot back on the ladder.
    Not all jobs will suit every individual. I have also made sacrifices since leaving the sevices. We don't always get what we feel we are valued!
    But derogatory comments don't help others.
  8. Ah bless, this is ARRSE, what did you expect.What is your cut!.
  9. £22K for a London based Job - Bonkers springs to mind:
  10. Shorty, my apologies for my initial flippant remark. However, I think your target audience is going to be rather small. Who could afford to live in London on £22000 unless they have never left and are council tennants (still unlikely for ex-military unfortunately) in which case they are probably genuinely better off on benefits.

    It is the fact that the job is London based but clearly not offering what most on this site would understand to be "London wages" that attracted my attention!
  11. Your advert states "+ Benefits" - what are they? 22K in central London will barely cover the rent/mortgage & council tax for a 1 bedroom house.
  12. Free coffee.
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  13. To try to put it into some perspective, A yearly salary of £22000 divided by 12 is about £1833 per month. Take off about 30% for tax and national insurance and you have about £1283. Now I don't know what the costs of getting from the edge of West London into the centre of London are but I bet I wouldn't get much change out of about £300 a month. That leave's less than £1000 per month or, £250 a week for the mortgage, grub, bills and most importantly, beer tokens.

    The job is 40 hours per week plus the traveling to and fro into town to listen to people moaning all day about being ripped off by financial firms and undoubtedly screaming down the phone at you to try and get their money back.

    And you call people on here idiots and ask for their respect!
  14. It's a well known fact, I can get £26000 on benefits! Bugger working for £22000. :)
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  15. £22k, pro rata as I'm a part-timer, isn't too far off what I earn at the moment as a low-level office wallah in Norwich. "London Wages" aren't a myth or a grab for extra cash, the cost of living there is higher.