Response from 10 Downing St: Falklands Indulgence flights

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by freedomman, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. "Defence Ministers and officials have received a number of approaches for the Ministry of Defence to provide veterans of the Falklands Conflict with indulgence rate flights. Ministers have asked for advice on the question and it is hoped that a decision can be reached shortly. The Government will provide a further response to the E-Petition then."

    This is from the email that I suppose hundreds of us will be getting this afternoon.

    Balls. Utter utter balls.

    Beancounters will undoubtedly win and this will again be quietly filed away until the next big anniversary.

    Don't let them get away with ignoring the issue!
  2. I got one as well, this will be to keep us quiet for a while, then brush it under the carpet.
  3. Not this time lads,They will not get away with this one.
    :evil: pitbull is on the job, :evil:
    once I get my teeth into something I dont let go. pitbulls are world renowned for it.

    pit :D :D :D
  4. Yeah, I got the same one. Typical f the slimey beancounters. Not an ounce of honour amongst them :evil:
  5. Pitbull, sad to see this, I haven't had my email yet, as my PC died this morning. As we are aware moves are afoot to remedy this. Will be back in circulation soon mate.
  6. Any chance of a link to the petition ,so us Techno Biffs who cant get on line much can join in?
    Sorry if it`s been posted elsewhere and I`ve missed it
  7. Go for it PitBull, get yer teeth in their arrse
  8. Fcuking BS they even have to fcuking ASK!!!

    If they don't lay on flights with the full razz we should commandeer something!! Use our initiative. Stick the notice up, lay on a bus or two, Crabs take a long range 'detour' on routine. Shout from Stanley, "ooops, sorry, I thought wing commander said Fork-lands... you heard Fork-lands didn't you lads?!! My bad..."