Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by milkybar, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. I currently work one 13miles one way from work. Am i entitled to claim 26miles obv return journey. My daily rate that i have been quoted is £3.22 does that sound right?? Any help please appreciated. :D :D
  2. You only claim one way. And I could be wrong but I think you make a voluntary contribution of the first 3 miles ? (someone will correct me I'm sure). I got 13.96 a day for an 86 mile round trip. But remember that you get it every day (365 days a year) and I think it isn't taxed as it's an allowance. I've found that it easily covers my running costs annually but I've got a not very thirsty diesel, it costs me £8 a day in fuel and the rest goes towards tax, insurance and the like, plus I only made the trip on average 4 times a week.

    Of course, I've probably got it all wrong!

    edited to add.......Yes the figure does sound about right.
  3. Is it not the first 9 miles that you've got to pay out of your own pocket?
  4. Well my new abode is only 5.3 miles from work and I am getting respod for that, albeit a very small amount so i guess it must be less than 9 miles. Unless things are changing under JPA.
  5. I used to travel 6 miles and got nothing - prepare for some clawback, fella
  6. Maybe, I really don't know the rules and it isn't a vast amount at the moment as i've only just moved. Can any pay types clarify ?
  7. The critical question is - do you live in your own house, or a MQ?

    If you live in your own house, you may be entitled to RILOR.

    If you live in an MQ, you can get RESPOD.

    Basic RESPOD Rules

    • 1. Journey must be a minimum of 3 miles.

      2. It is taxed.

      3. The amount payable is directly linked to engine size, and journey length.

      4. We don't do Personal Contribution Deduction anymore.

    Milkybar - £3.22 is correct for a 13 mile journey in a vehicle of 126cc or more.

    Hope this helps. Behold!! The power of ARRSE.
  8. I am in SSSA with my own house and family being 260 miles away. As I'm over 37 and on final posting I'm guessing that it's slightly different rules.

    I get GYH(P), RESPOD and FIA.

    Phillip-Kotler wrote

    "I used to travel 6 miles and got nothing - prepare for some clawback, fella"

    P-K, Depending on your circumstances I think you may have been seen off by your pay staff and it should be you that is doing the clawing back.
  9. Yes - very different.